Supermarket bag packs

A bag pack is where you and a group of volunteers stand at the end of supermarket checkouts and help people pack their shopping in exchange for small donations.  People are often grateful for the help, and as they already have their purses out, they often reward quite generously.  It's a great way to raise awareness about a charity and also to raise funds.

What you need
The main thing you need is permission from the supermarket.  Supermarkets usually have a diary of charity collections (both bag-packing and on the door) but be warned, they're usually booked up months and months in advance.

- Buckets for Money
- Volunteers (it would be great if you could have one or two per till)
- Rota (it's a long day, so if you're booked in for the day, have 2/3 shifts perhaps?) 
- A smile (friendly, happy volunteers come away with more donations)

What we can provide
We can provide you with a fundraising pack which will include t shirts, bucket stickers, posters, a letter authorisation and a paying in slip to pay in your money once it has been collected.

How to organise it?
Firstly you must contact your local supermarket to book a slot - you can’t turn up on the day unannounced.  As mentioned previously, you need to do this at least 6 months in advance, particularly around busy periods like Christmas.

Once you have permission, you need to recruit volunteers to help.  Ask friends, family, local schools or clubs to help out. It is advised that volunteers don’t work for more than 2 hours at a time, so create a rota to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Remember to always explain to each customer about why you are fundraising for Brake and if they would allow you to help pack their bags. Some customers will not want help but will still give a donation.

Sound fun? An easy way to fundraise in your local area! For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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