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Young drivers are involved in a huge proportion of road crashes, due to a combination of inexperience and a tendency of many to take risks.
Less than one in 12 licence holders is under 25, yet one in five fatal and serious injury crashes involve a driver this age. Often the victims are young people themselves: road crashes are the biggest killer of young people in the UK and worldwide.

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What needs to be done?

To help young people be safer as drivers and passengers, we need a better driver training and testing system and compulsory road safety education. That's why we call for graduated driver licensing (GDL), a system that allows new drivers to develop skills and experience gradually while less exposed to danger.
There are a number of variations on graduated driver licensing, but Brake calls for a system that includes a 12-month learner period, an initial test, and then a two-year novice period when you can drive independently but with restrictions – such as a late-night driving curfew. It's used in other countries and it's predicted it would prevent 400 deaths and serious injuries a year in the UK. We also call for better access to affordable public transport for young people, so fewer need to start driving in their teens.

As well as calling for government action, Brake works proactively with schools, colleges and emergency services to educate young people about staying safe on the road.
We commissioned research, supported by Allianz, on why young people chose to drive. (2016) 

What can I do?

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