Celebrity Supporters

Brake is backed by many celebrities who believe in the cause and the charity's work. Thank you for your support! 

lorraine-kelly Lorraine Kelly, TV presenter
As a mum, I am delighted to add my voice to Brake's campaign to urge parents to do their bit and ensure our children are safe while out walking or cycling.
jacqueline-wilson Jacqueline Wilson, children's author
Children should be able to get out and about on foot and bicycles - it's crucial for their health, well-being and social development. Yet, as a nation, we are failing to protect our children on roads.
eddie-irvine Eddie Irvine, Formula One racing driver
I get my kicks on the track not on the road. Speeding in built up areas puts children's lives at risk.
daniel-brocklebank Daniel Brocklebank, Actor
A good friend of mine was killed age 20 as a passenger with a drink-driver - someone who was supposed to be her friend. I know how the sudden death of a young person in a road crash sends shock waves through the whole community.
craig-phillips Craig Phillips, winner of Big Brother, series one
I know all too well what drinking and driving can do. It kills and devastates families. My father was killed in a drink-drive crash when I was a child.
natasha-hamilton Natasha Hamilton, singer with Atomic Kitten
As a mum, and someone who was knocked down and injured by a car as a child, I give my full support to Brake's campaign to make our roads safer for children.
nick-ross Nick Ross, journalist and broadcaster
Road deaths are the forgotten epidemic - killing more young people in the UK and across the globe than anything else. But it's an epidemic that we can all do something about - road safety is a shared responsibility.
dick-dom Dick and Dom, children's TV presenters
Our message to kids is simple: it's alright to mess about at home, in the playground or the park, but you should never do it near roads.
danny-crates Danny Crates, Paralympic Gold Medalist
I was just 21 when I lost my arm as a result of a road crash in 1994. My life is great now, but it could have been a lot easier with two arms. Young people should do everything they can to keep themselves safe on the roads.
adrian-chiles Broadcaster, Adrian Chiles
I am proud to help pledge my support to the life-saving work that Brake does. As a dad, I urge all drivers to think about the safety of kids when they're driving through a community.
nicola-cooke Nicole Cooke, Gold Medal Winner, Beijing Olympics 2008
When I race all I think about is speed! How to go faster or be at the limit but in sport, just like in every day life I can not go over the limit of what is safe because it may end in disaster, either in a crash or putting others in danger.
tony-mowbray Football Manager, Tony Mowbray
Statistics show far too many young lads are gambling with their lives and those of their mates by taking risks on the road. I know from my own playing days, and working with footballers now, that most young men enjoy being active and playing sports with their friends and cannot imagine having a life-long disability.

rebecca romero

Olympic Cyclist, Rebecca Romero
It's tragic so many cyclists lose their lives each year by being hit by commercial vehicles, often as a result of the driver failing to see them – yet many of these tragedies could be prevented by devices fitted to vehicles to reduce blind spots. I'm backing Brake's campaign calling on all commercial vehicle operators to fit devices that help drivers spot people on bikes and on foot

elise sherwell

Cyclist, Elise Sherwell
Given that we want to get more people cycling, we have to make it safer; changing the law so trucks have to fit the latest blind spot equipment is surely crucial to this

andy tennant

Olympic Cyclist, Andy Tennant
We need more safe routes for cycling, but drivers can also play a key part in making our streets safer, and help nurture the future of British cycling, by always looking out for cyclists and driving below 20mph around homes and schools



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