COVID-19: A guide to checking your vehicle during the current pandemic


With countries around the world entering lockdown in response to COVID-19, people everywhere have suddenly found that their day-to-day routines have been flipped upside down. Everyone apart from key workers and those in exceptional circumstances are being advised to stay at home, and this has led to many vehicles not being used as frequently as they usually would.

However, even though there is less need to drive does not mean that you should forget about regularly checking your vehicle – in fact, vehicle maintenance may be even more important now than ever. Carrying out these checks regularly on your car can keep it in safe working order, and will help you detect and fix any issues before they get worse.

To help you keep on top of car maintenance during lockdown and ensure that your vehicle is ready to go again once lockdown is over, Kwik Fit has compiled the following list of vehicle safety and essential care tips:

Key areas

Tyre checks

It is recommended that you check your tyres once per week, and that you double check them before any long journeys to ensure that they can get you to your destination safely. For full information please see Kwik Fit’s looking after your tyres page, and to find out the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle click here.

Battery checks

If a car is left unused for a long period of time it is not uncommon for the battery to go flat, which could potentially leave you stranded and unable to start your car. For Kwik Fit’s tips and advice on how to prevent a flat battery, click here.

Brake checks

It is possible that brake corrosion may start to occur with vehicles being left still for longer periods than they normally would. If you feel that you have noticed brake corrosion, or any other braking problems, then it may be time to book a brake check to ensure your vehicle’s safety.  

MOT checks

With MOTs due after 30/03/2020 being extended by 6 months, many people are finding that they have some extra time before their next MOT is due. Despite this, it is still very important to make sure that your vehicle is up to road safety standards – if you are involved in a crash and your vehicle is deemed to not be up to standards then your insurance could be invalidated.  For safety reasons, Kwik Fit is still offering MOTs during this period but advises you to only book an MOT if it is strictly necessary for your car to be in use during this time. If you have an MOT upcoming the pre MOT checklist may be useful to you.

Additional checks

Although some of the main areas have been covered already, some of the following links may be useful to assist with car checks during lockdown:

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Saturday, 31 October 2020

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