Our campaigns and how you can help

Brake campaigns nationally to ensure that everyone is free to move in safe and healthy ways and end the tragedy of death and serious injury on our roads through a Vision Zero approach. We won't stop until the carnage ends. But we need your help..

There are many ways to support our work, such as dropping a quick note to your MP, signing a petition or running activities in your community. Each page below has simple actions you can take. You can also find advice on campaigning in your community here.

Keep up to date with our campaigns through our monthly bulletin, on TwitterFacebook and the Brake blog, or browse our recent news releases in our media centre.


Manifesto for safe and healthy mobility
Calling on the Government to adopt a people-led Vision Zero approach to road safety, in order to achieve safe and healthy mobility, for all, by 2040.

Driving for Zero
A campaign to deliver zero tolerance for impaired and distracted driving including the menace of drink and drug driving, vision, health and tiredness.

Know it & Solve it
A campaign for government to establish an independent Road Collision Investigation Branch to improve road crash investigation.

L for Later
A campaign to help young people be safer as drivers and passengers. 

Pace for People
A campaign to reduce and enforce the speed limit in our towns, in order to reduce casualties, reduce fear of cycling and walking, reduce pollution and improve health through active travel.

Place for People
A campaign to give people in the UK space to move in ways that are safe, green, healthy and fair.

Phone Smart
A campaign to stamp out deadly driver distraction by texts, emails and calls.

Modern Vehicles
A campaign that embraces developments in vehicle technology that can save both lives and the planet, and calls on developments to be implemented in line with Brake's vision of safe, sustainable, healthy and fair transport.

A campaign for better justice and support services for people bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes.

Safer fleets
A campaign which seeks to improve the safety of at work drivers. 


About our campaigning:

Parliamentarian road safety awards
Recognising MPs campaigning for road safety nationally and in their constituencies

Consultation responses, speeches and policy papers
Library of Brake consultation responses, key speeches and policy papers

Our vision
Our long-term vision for a world where no one is killed or seriously injured in preventable road crashes, and communities are safe, sustainable places

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