Brake's partnership policy


Brake is a road safety charity dedicated to preventing road death and injury and caring for people bereaved and injured in road crashes. As such, Brake is committed to retaining our independent stance in furtherance of our vision, which is a world where people can get about in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and enjoyable. In accordance with our strategy, however, Brake also recognises and values working with others to achieve bigger, faster results.   

This policy outlines

  1. Organisations we work with
  2. How partnerships help Brake
  3. Terms and conditions attached to our partnerships

In this policy all organisations external to Brake, whether they are profit-making corporations, NGOs, grant-givers, government agencies, or associations of any other type, are referred to as ‘organisations’ for brevity. The term organisations, in the context of this policy, can also be applied to an individual we work with who is very well known, for example a celebrity.

Organisations we work with

Brake will actively seek partnerships with organisations supportive of our vision, or additionally or alternatively supportive of care for road crash victims. 

Brake will especially seek relationships with organisations that are taking their own steps to contribute towards Brake’s vision. This includes, for example, organisations promoting safe and sustainable travel among employees, or organisations providing helpful services to road crash victims.

How partnerships help Brake

Brake seeks and nurtures partnerships that help Brake achieve its strategic aims, in line with its vision and mission. This can be achieved in many ways, but often includes provision of funding towards Brake’s charitable activities, through unrestricted donations, sponsorships or grants for Brake’s work, or through fundraising by people within those organisations.

It also includes organisations sometimes choosing to contribute directly to Brake’s work by providing, free of charge, time, expertise, resources or services to the charity, or helping to promote the charity.

Terms and conditions attached to our partnerships

Brake applies the following terms and conditions to our relationships with external organisations:

  • Organisations entering into a partnership with Brake will have a written and signed partnership contract outlining any specific activities to be undertaken and terms and conditions relevant to that partnership.
  • Brake will thank organisations for their support of Brake in ways that are appropriate and provide transparency regarding the charity’s funding and supporters. For organisations that have supported us significantly, this will include providing an annual report reminding organisations of the positive ways they have worked with Brake in furtherance of our strategic aims.
  • Brake may agree, through the written partnership contract or as the opportunity arises, to promote activities, products or services by our partners that are wholly in line with our vision, mission and strategic aims and objectives. Any such decision will be an independent decision by Brake in the interest of the charity. We will not be required at any stage to undertake any such promotion that is not agreed.
  • Brake’s permission must be sought and secured for use of its name and branding by organisations in all instances of proposed use, and will not be unfairly with-held.  However, Brake’s name or branding must not be used by any organisation in a manner that would express or imply Brake’s endorsement of any activity undertaken by that organisation unrelated to a partnership activity with Brake. A partnership with Brake cannot imply any wider endorsement by Brake of an organisation’s activities generally.
  • Brake has a data protection policy and consequently cannot sell, loan or exchange its mailing lists with other organisations.
  • Brake reserves the right to stop working with organisations that are, subsequent to commencement of a partnership with Brake, found to be promoting or endorsing or engaging in dangerous behaviour on roads, or operating in ways that are against the interests of, or offensive to, road crash victims. On such cessation, Brake will not be required to reimburse any donations already made to the charity.
  • Brake will work with external organisations that have been in existence for more than 12 months and who have demonstrable areas of work. 

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