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At Brake we are proud to have some incredible volunteers. We are hugely in awe of their amazing support for us, and we want everyone to recognise how valuable and important volunteering is. Here we have selected a volunteer to spotlight, explaining a little bit about why they support Brake and how they’ve helped us. 

This time we’d like to say thank you to Team Harley.

Harley Simpson 5


On Saturday 22nd October, eleven year old Harley left his home to walk the few hundred yards to a local crossing point on his way to play rugby with his friends.   Whilst waiting at the central crossing area he was struck by a car and his precious life was changed forever.

Harley had suffered a serious head trauma and had to undergo a lifesaving operation. However, as the hours and days passed, and despite signs of hope, faith turned to despair when on the afternoon of Thursday 3rd November the family were told that there nothing more that the specialists could do. After a brave and courageous fight, on Friday 4th November, Harley passed away.

To honour Harley’s life, family and friends have chosen to fundraise for Brake. Team Harley have already dedicate stars in Brake's Christmas Sky, held a bake sale in February's Bake for Brake month and are running this May in Brake’s Virtual Run – running 10K whilst constantly passing a rugby ball to each other.

Team Harley have spread their generosity to local charities, organising events including Harley's Walk of Light for local charity 'You Raise Me Up', as well as raising money for Ronald McDonald charities, Surrey & Sussex air ambulance and Harley's Rugby Club.

Harley was a huge lover of sport, a keen Badminton player and a member of the local Under 12s Rugby team. Harley wanted to be a Rugby Coach when he grew up.

Thank you to all Harley’s family and friends for their support of Brake.  The money you raise for us will go towards preventing future road death and injury and supporting people bereaved and injured in road crashes.

We are so grateful for your support.

If Harley’s family inspired you to fundraise for Brake in memory of your loved one, please do get in touch.

If you would like to take part in our Virtual Run this coming May, you can  read more about the event here.You don’t have to run, you can walk, skip, crawl or jog!

Or maybe you have another fundraising idea to tie in with your loved one’s hobby or passion?
Why not fill in this form with your idea and our fundraising manager Lisa will give you a call to have a chat about ways in which we can work together.

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