Beep Beep! Days 2014 - what happened

Read on to find out about Beep Beep! Days that took part in 2014, helping children aged 2-7 learn about road safety and raising valuable funds for Brake's work too. Find out more tips for your Beep Beep! Day.

 Beep Beep infographics

SeptemberBarnardo's Beehive Children's Centre in Colchester ran a great event for their children with a range of activities, including using an obstacle course with a zebra crossing to practice crossing the road and all children received a sticker and certificate. They also did hand printing using the poster included in their resource pack and messy play with the children playing with toy vehicles and buildings and sang 'Wheels on the Bus', 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Traffic Lights' and 'This is the way we cross the road'.

Louise Bowen organising the event said "The Beep Beep! Day was a very enjoyable event and the children really enjoyed all of the activities set up. They all made a real effort to cross the road in the obstacle course holding hands, and were very proud of themselves when they received the sticker and certificate."


Leeds 16 Childminding Group raised £259 to support Brake's work. OctoberThe children used road safety colouring sheets downloaded from Brake's website, and made biscuits using our traffic light biscuit recipe.

Children used toy cars and zebra crossings to learn about crossing the road safety and sang road safety songs. All of the children received Beep Beep! stickers at the end of the day.

Brake is pleased to see childminding groups coming together to run larger Beep Beep! Days. We hope that many others will be able to follow their lead!




NovemberSharon Walker's childminders in Derby ran a great event where the children made pictures of roads and car track prints to learn basic road safety messages.

The children were taken on walks to the local zebra and pelican crossings to be shown how to cross the road safely. They also used a play road at the childminding centre, and used it to role play road crossing with one child being a lollypop person to stop children on bikes and trikes and allow the other children to cross the road, and to play a traffic light game where the children ran around, stopped when the light was red, and run on the spot when the light was amber.

As part of their event they used the traffic light biscuits to sell, and were able to raise £20.80. This money helps us to campaign for safer roads and support those affected by crashes.