Car wash!

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Car wash
Sounds a bit dull, but not when you're playing 70's music, you're dressed in high visibility gear, and you're throwing sponges at each other (while brightening up hub caps)! And of course it's a really topical fundraiser for a road safety cause!

This is a fantastic way to have fun, team build and raise money for a great cause, and a perfect idea for your company, school, club or a car park in your lunch hour or in the afternoon.

Decide on the date and venue.  
When and where are you going to do it?    Create some posters advertising it.  Give yourself at least six weeks to plan the event. Why not contact your local authroity and enquire about car parks that you can use in your area.   Or, if you can't find a venue, ask your neighbours or work colleagues if they would like their cars washed for a fee?   You will be surprised how many people would rather pay you than to wash their car themselves!

What you'll need
Buckets and sponges
- Volunteers
- Energy and enthusiasm!
- Water
- Collection buckets
- Cash float
- A Brake fundraising pack

What to charge?
Either charge a note donation for every car wash or charge a nominal fee (usually between £3/£5).

Who's going to do it?  Who can help?
Why not ask your friendly local fire officers? They like a shiny engine and care deeply about deaths on roads as they often get called out to road crashes.

Invite the media along to take a picture of your event.
A great way to promote the cause and what you are doing. Why not make a banner for your media picture, saying  "Carwash not Carnage!" 

Stick the music on and get sponging!
Hand out road safety leaflets from your local council, or write your own called "Carwash not Carnage" thanking people for letting you wash their car in aid of Brake and asking them to slow down in your community and to sign the Brake Pledge.

Want to do it? Call Joe on 01484 550060 or complete a short online form for more tips and ideas to help your event be a success. Or if you don't need any help, just donate the funds you raise from your event using the button at the top of this website or by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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