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Children are creative! Read below some fabulous winning entries from primary children to inspire you to incorporate road safety into literacy and project work in the classroom.

Safe Crossing by Rebecca Holland, aged 9

Walking down the street,
Cars whizzing past
I need to cross now,
My heart is thumping
I stop, I look, I listen
The cars are still whizzing past
I feel scared, I feel scared, I feel scared,
I look again, I listen again
Whizz, whiz, whiz
Then I see it, further down the street
All black and white
It’s calling to me
Cross here, cross here
I walk towards the zebra crossing
Then I stop, I look, I listen
The whizzings have gone
The cars have stopped
My heart’s stopped thumping
It’s safe to cross.

My Wake Up Dream, by Katie Henden-Dennis, aged 9

One day Kate woke up late as she head been up all night texting her best friend, Brittany. She got her books and bag together as fast as she could and went out of the house to meet Brittany at the top of the street. As she got to the top of Leamore Lane, she could see Brittany waiting for her on the corner.

As they started to walking to school, Brittany put some music on her phone. She was also showing Katie some pictures on her phone, they had not realised that they had stepped of the path in between two parked cars into the middle of a busy road.

They heard a screeching sound before they knew what was happening, Brittany was flying through the air and Katie was lying face down in the road. They were both taken to hospital. A week later was Brittany’s funeral. She had died from her injuries. I had a broken arm, cuts and bruises. I couldn’t stop crying If only we were paying more attention to the road, and paid more attention to the lollipop man, Brittany would still be here with me.

I started to cry and then scream. All of a sudden I work up in a sweat. I was still in bed, it was all a dream. I told Brittany about my dream and we said we would always use the lollipop man and give the road our full attention. So be safe and always give the road your full attention. Look, think and look again.

Stop, Look Listen by Haajirah Bibi

On Monday, we run to school
To the spot the lollipop lady stands,
“Good morning to you!” she calls
And reminds us to hold hands!
“How are we today?” she asks,
As she lets us cross the road.
On Tuesday, we dash again “slow down!”
She reminds us of the green cross code.
On Wednesday she’s beat us once more,
“Stay close” she calls “don’t cross, wait for me!”
“Don’t run ahead, now wait” she shakes her head,
“Too far from me, oh-dearie-me!”
On Thursday she waves to children
Behind parked cars, as they hide,
“Hey children, come around here, she smiles,
“Can you see this special crossing made so wide?”
On Friday, “naughty, naughty, walk behind the bars!
Speedy drivers cannot see you from their cars!”
“Be safe” she smiles “rules are there for you to follow”
“Thank you” we say. “You’re welcome, see you again tomorrow!”

The Tragic Accident, by Megan Ward, aged 9

Two boys were walking home from school. One was Tim and one was called Joshua. Joshua was 10 years old. He loved football and always watched it on TV. Tim was completely different. He’s 10 years old, he liked reading Charles Dickens and silence was his best friend. It was weird that two best friends were completely the opposite.

While they were walking, Joshua was talking about free kicks in football, Tim was interested so he made up a story in his head. Accidently Joshua dropped his football in the road. He ran into the road to go and get it. “My ball! I have to go and get it quickly!” Joshua cried. “No Joshua, no!” Tim shouted, “it’s dangerous!”

Suddenly BANG! Joshua was lying on the floor, clutching a punctured ball. Tim ran to the nearest shop and called the ambulance. They were there, quick as a flash. They quickly took Joshua into hospital, luckily he was alright. Joshua now knows its is dangerous to go into a busy road.

My True Story, by Georgia Weaver

I was walking down the lane with my friend Emily, singing the school song and when we came to Tangrigde Gardens I ran over the road to my mum’s car. I realised I had forgotten to say something to Emily and rushed back. It was so important, I slipped over and hurt my leg and a car was coming. Luckily it stopped in time so no serious damage was done but I could have died when I was only 8. That why, wherever you are, be careful and look left and right when crossing roads!

Use the Lollipop Man by Eda Eren

If you wanna have a life
And you wanna stay alive
You gotta pay attention
You gotta be wise
Always look and listen
Always be alert
Don’t ever bend the rules
Or you’ll get hurt!
Use the lollipop man
To cross the road to school
Don’t ever run across
And don’t ever act the fool!
Wait on the pavement
Always stay calm
And the traffic will be stopped
By the lollipop man
Always walk across the road
Don’t ever run
When you’re in the playground
You can have some fun!

Rain and Shine, by Megan Herdman, aged 10

When it shines,
Or when it rains,
Don’t forget to look both ways,
Don’t ever run across a road,
Especially carrying a heavy load,
Don’t ever cross by two parked cars,
A safer crossing can’t be far,
Oh, and don’t forget,
Don’t ever cross by a turn,
Recite this poem and you will learn,
Stop, look, listen? LIVE!

Road Safety Poem, by Bethany Stephens, aged 8

Stop at the crossing and look both ways. Listen for traffic and make sure it’s safe.
Make sure there’s no sirens or cars going too fast
If there is, don’t cross just let them go past.
At night wear something bright, maybe orange or green.
Something florescent so you can be seen.
Cross with a lollipop lady if you can, and don’t forget to wait for the green man.

A Road Safety Poem, by Sara Tariq, aged 11

Dear Driver, this poem is for you
And if you want to be safe, this is what you have to do:
When you drive on the road
You have to open your eyes
And be careful and wise!
Don’t drink alcohol before you drive,
It isn’t good
Because it could be dangerous for you
And make you invincible and dizzy!
Don’t get mad
And pay attention,
Think before you take action!
And another thing,
You also have to put your seatbelt on,
Even when you’re alone.

Road Safety, by Aisha Zanini-Hughes aged 6
Road Safety, road safety.
When it’s green, you can go
When it’s red, NO! NO! NO!
Make sure you still look left and right,
When you cross at the traffic light.
No cheeky crosses please!

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