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Janine LeslieWe are calling on people across the UK, who feel passionately about road safety, to become a Friend of Brake.  Our Friends of Brake are the face of Brake within communities.   Brake is a small charity, run by a team of dedicated staff in our national office, but we need YOUR help to reach out to even more people across communities.

Why become a Friend of Brake?
Being a Friend of Brake is a great way to support the charity.  Here are just some of the reasons why you should get involved:

- Have the opportunity to make a difference
- Help us continue our dedicated work preventing road death and injuries
- Meet new people and form new friendships
- Share experiences and have fun
- Receive support from other Brake volunteers

What does it involve?Walk Sheila 1
- Being a representative of Brake in your local area
- Organising events and activities to raise funds for our charity
- Placing and maintaining collection boxes in local shops and businesses
- Helping raise awareness, locally, about our road safety campaigns
- Supporting local road safety campaigns needing extra help and voices
- Attending events as a Brake representative

You won't be on your own!
Brake staff in our community volunteering and fundraising team can support you with anything you need.  We will also put you in touch with other Friends of Brake and you will be able to chat via our Friend of Brake Facebook Group.

We recognise that people are busy; don't worry, being a Friend of Brake means that you can be as involved as YOU want to be!  Your time and effort, however small, will be recognised and appreciated.

To find out more about becoming a Friend of Brake, email Lisa at or ring for a chat on 01484 550060. We look forward to hearing from you!

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