Translations and audio versions of support guides

Use this page to download translations and audio versions of Brake's guides for people bereaved by road crashes.

Please note that, due to funding limitations, we may not have translations of the most up-to-date versions of the guides.

Translations of the English and Welsh bereavement guide:

Arabic translation - procedures (2011-12)

Bengali translation (2005)

Latvian translation - procedures (2011-12) and Latvian translation - Coping with Grief (2011-12)

Lithuanian translation - procedures (2011-12) and Lithuanian translation - Coping with Grief (2011-12)

Polish translation - procedures (2010-11)

Portuguese translation (2005)

Spanish translation (2005)

Swedish translation (2005)

Tamil translation - procedures (2012-13)

Turkish translation (2005)

Urdu translation (2006)

Vietnamese translation (2006)

Welsh translation (2007)

Translations of the Scottish bereavement guide:

Polish translation - procedures (2007) and Polish translation - Coping with Grief (2007)

Audio versions of Coping with Grief:

(left-click to listen online, or right-click and save the link to download)

Coping with Grief: English 

Coping with Grief: Mandarin Chinese (translated by Kelly Liang, British Chinese Project Research Co-ordinator; and read by Shuyue Selena Ren)

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