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Speed cameras are proven to be extremely effective at slowing down traffic and preventing unnecessary and tragic deaths and injuries on our roads.[1] They have been criticised as being an ‘unfair war on motorists’ when in reality they are accepted and supported by the majority of drivers as a legitimate road safety measure, and work. [2]

There is a vast amount of academic evidence showing both the importance of reducing speeds in order to prevent casualties, and that cameras are successful in achieving this. Studies have found that fixed cameras can cut the number of drivers speeding at camera sites by more than two-thirds.[3] 

If we enforce speed limits effectively and reduce speeds, drivers have more time to react and stop in time. Removal of speed cameras is grossly irresponsible and inevitably will costs lives. Read more about speed limit enforcement and speed cameras.

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Campaign news

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[1] The national safety camera programme four-year evaluation report (PA Consulting and UCL, 2005)
[2] A 2008 AA/Populus survey of 11,388 AA members found that 70% accept the use of speed cameras
[3] The national safety camera programme four-year evaluation report (PA Consulting and UCL, 2005)

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