Fairground fundraisers

Sunny with TeddyThink back to your early memories of school fairs and Christmas bazaars and organise a fair stall for Brake, raising valuable funds for the charity.  This could be indoors, in a corner of the office, or outdoors, in a garden in the summer.

Put on your thinking caps and come up with easy to organise, fun to do fundraising activities. Invest in a few novelty prizes; decorate your stalls with ballons and bunting, and have fun!

Here are a few examples of games that we’ve thought of, that you can do too:

Name the Teddy
Win a cute Teddy Bear! Download our Name-the-bear Sheet; choose a name for the bear and seal it in an envelope. Charge £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, who wins the teddy!

How Many Sweets in a Jar
Find a glass bottle; fill it with sweets of your choice (the yummier the better); decorate with a ribbon and make it look attractive, count the sweets and seal the answer in an envelope. Charge £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, who wins the sweets!

Bake for Brake
A fair isn’t a fair without a cake stall, so Bake for Brake!

Craft Stall
Do you have any colleagues/friends with hidden talents? Why not ask around and sell craft produced by colleagues - crocheted hats, water-colour paintings, painted mugs, candles etc. 

Name the Baby Competition
This is silly, but fun! Ask colleagues to bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby or toddler (remember to tell them to not show this photo to anyone but the organiser). Make a photo gallery display, number each photograph and list which colleagues are shown. For £2 per sheet, people have to try to guess which baby is which grown-up! The most correct answers gets a prize! 

Second Hand Stall
Put a plea out amongst colleagues for unwanted DVDs, CDs and finished books. Sell for a token £1 each. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Everyone could be asked each to bring in a prize of some sort and then tickets could be sold throughout the day/week. Ask your suppliers and contacts if they could donate a prize – some of them can be very generous in supporting charity efforts.

Want to do it? Call Joe on 01484 550060, email to fundraise@brake.org.uk or get in touch through our quick and easy fundraising form.

Done it? Donate funds you raise online using the donate button at the top of this website, or through other methods explained on our donate page. 

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