Talent evening

KRAZE 2Why not organise a variety evening comprising of singers, dancers, comedians, actors, or perhaps a Britain’s Got Talent style talent competition?  

Every community has dance schools, budding musicians, theatre groups - why not bring everybody together for road safety and organise a big community event.    

It's fantastic awareness raising, a great way to build community spirit and if there are lots of people involved then that means a guaranteed audience (as they will sell tickets to friends and family).

- You will ideally need a team to organise the event.  Allocate jobs to each person (ie marketing; refreshments; entertainment; technical etc)
- Put together a plan of what you envisage the evening comprising of.
- Contact local groups to discuss this with them and ask for their co-operation.
- Perhaps the local groups may have contacts to help with lights and sound (or perhaps the venue can help with this).
- Make sure you choose a date (well in advance, to give people time to rehearse), and book a venue to suit the size of the audience you will expect.
- Create tickets and perhaps arrange to sell them in a local shop?
- Create flyers and posters and work with the groups performing to distribute them.
- Have a check-list so that you don't miss anything out and so that you organise the time well.
- Organise a raffle for the interval, contact Brake and we will send you a letter of support which you can show to organising when trying to obtain prizes.

How to fundraise
- Charge the audience an entrance fee; but also bucket shake in the auditorium.
- You could also organise an interval raffle to raise even more!

This is perfect way to bring communities together supporting road safety and to show off hidden talents at the same time!

For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email fundraise@brake.org.uk or complete a short online form.

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