Charity football match

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What is a charity football match?

What it says on the tin - it's a football match with teams made up either of colleagues or friends.

Why not challenge another office or supplier?  How about getting together with a group of friends in memory of a loved one who loved football?

How to fundraise?
- Perhaps you could charge an entry fee per team?
- How about a number-of-goals sweepstake?
- Remember to have someone bucket-shaking in the crowds.

How to organise it!
Spread the word that you’re organising the event and ask for people to take part.
- Arrange teams
- Find a suitable location - how about the local park or local sports centre?

What you will need!
- A football (or two), a venue and people to play!
- Perhaps provide drinks for the teams?
- You might even consider providing entertainment for the crowds such as a barbecue or bouncy castle for the children.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?   A great team-builder too!

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