Car boot or jumble sale

Janine LeslieWhat is it they say?  One man's garbage is another man's treasure!
  It's true, so why not hold a jumble sale or car boot sale and raise some money for a good cause whilst having a clear out!

Hold a jumble sale in your garage, garden or workplace, or for bigger sales investigate the possibility of hiring a community or church hall or book a space down at your local car boot sale.

It's easy to organise!
- Plan this well in advance and decide on a date.
- Ask around friends for help with both collection goods beforehand and on the day itself.

You will need:
- Items to sell, perhaps including clothes, shoes, books, games and general household items. (collect items well in advance of the day of the sale).
- Posters to promote the event
- People to help on the day.

You'll also need
- Carrier bags for people to take home their goods in
- Moneyboxes
- Tables to display goods.

How to promote your event
- Firstly tell everyone you know about the sale.
- Design and then distribute posters and flyers advertising the event around the local area to help advertise the event. Perhaps do a leaflet drop in your area, letting people know about the event.

At the event
Allow plenty of time to set up. Make sure each table has a collection money box.
- Decide on pricing your items. Make sure you have plenty of change in your moneybox float.
- Put up some Brake posters so people are aware of who we are and what we do. We can provide you with these.
- Consider the time it takes to pack away and what to do with unsold items.

Why not link the jumble sale with a coffee morning or a cake stall.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? A simple way to fundraise and clear out the clutter!

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