Matty Norman FootballSweepstakes are an easy and fun way of raising money within your workplace or friendship group.  Basically, the fundraiser is a lottery and the prize money is generated from the entry fees paid by participants.

How does it work?
Choose an event or competition to base your sweepstake on, for example The World Cup, European Championships, Wimbledon, The Eurovision Song Contest etc.
- The number of participants can be as many as the competitors available, ie if there are 32 teams in the world cup, 32 people could enter. If you don't have a large group of willing participants, you could allow people to enter more than once.
- Participants pay a set amount to enter the sweepstake and put their money on one of the competitors (we would suggest £1-£3).
- Make a record of everyone’s entry.
- Take down their name, assigned team and whether they have paid their entry fee.
- Once their money has been paid, participants should draw a name out of the hat at random, and this shall be their team.
- Once the results of the competition, event or league are announced, the participant who picked the winner receives half of the total money and the remaining funds come to Brake.
- If you manage to build up some friendly competition in your office, sweepstakes can become a regular fundraiser. You could even keep a league table of winners.

How to organise it
Request a Brake sweepstake pack, which can be tailored to the event of your choice.

The pack will include;
Instructions of how to play
Cut outs of all the competitors of the competition to put into a hat ready for selection
A form to write down who each of the participants drew out of the hat.

Click below to download our current sweepstake Packs for upcoming events

Grand National 2017

Eurovision 2017 

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?   A great team-builder too! For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email fundraise@brake.org.uk or complete a short online form.

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