Traditional sports day

5925330697 57d9258c2c oRemember the school sports' day?   The three-legged race? The sack race?  The egg-and-spoon race?  Why not organise your own!   What a great way to fundraise and teambuild at the same time.   You could even consider a few It's a Knockout type games too.  Great fun for all! 

How to fundraise
- Perhaps you could charge an entry fees?
- Perhaps you could be sponsored to take part in each event?
- Perhaps people could take bets on who will win?

How to organise it
Choose someone as “headmaster” to be in charge of the overall running of the day.
- Find a suitable venue. Perhaps the office? Perhaps a local park? Perhaps a sports centre?
- Organise employees into teams.
- Choose the events you wish to include and sign up at least one member per team.
- Organise a scoring system and the team with the most points wins a prize. Prizes could be something small (wine, chocolates) or how about a half day holiday or an extra-long lunch break?

What you will need
This depends on the events you are thinking of choosing, but keeping costs down is essential for a successful fundraising event.   Why not phone local businesses/school and ask to borrow their equipment?   Do any staff have any suitable equipment at home which could be of use?

Health & safety
It’s important to ensure that all events are conducted in a safe manner, abiding by all health and safety regulations.

For tips on raising sponsorship money click here!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? A great team-builder too!

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