Ghost hunt!

Avenue house

Be sponsored to spend a night in a haunted house!

Whether you’re a fan of Most Haunted or a confirmed sceptic, this spine chilling fundraiser was made for you.

At "haunted" locations throughout the UK, ghost hunt participants will be joined by paranormal experts. Brake is working with professionals to bring you this spooky and exciting way to raise funds!

We have a spooky fundraiser booked for
Friday 26th February 2016
at Armley Mills in Leeds.

Dare you spend the night here?  
In the Santanic Mills of Armley there is a sinister and very dismal atmosphere in this building where it feels as if you are constantly being followed. Ghost hunting at Armley Mills will allow you to take a peek into the harsh living conditions of those who has the misfortune to work there. A few of the working still exist in spirit and don’t mind letting you know that they have joined you.."

To take part in this event
A £50 registration fee is required at the time of booking
You are also asked to raise £50 in sponsorship. (If you can raise £100 then you can do the event for free.

Each of the events include
- A history tour of the location
- Working alongside various people, including a psychic medium / paranormal investigator
- Workshops demonstrating use of the ghost hunting equipment
- Experiments throughout the event
- Seances and vigils in the most active part of the location
- Refreshments such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks

We can't guarantee ghosts, but we can guarantee a great time!

Want to do it? Call Joe on 01484 550060 or complete a short online form to find out more.

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