Ebay or recycle it!

recyclelogoAny time of year is the right time for a spring clean! One person's rubbish is another person's treasure! So have a good old clear out and flog your stuff on eBay or recycle it in aid of Brake!

Why not  have a collection box at work for stuff colleagues no longer want, and then spend an hour or so loading it on to eBay or just flog it to each other. Or have a clear out of your house with the whole family helping, and load it on to eBay or flog it at a local jumble sale in aid of Brake (if the jumble sale is for a different cause, ask if you can split the proceeds). Just one great item, such as a used but working skateboard, can make good money! So help us in this simple way, without leaving the comfort of your own computer screen!

Want to do it? Call Joe on 01484 550060, email fundraise@brake.org.uk or complete a short online form for more tips and ideas to help your clear out be a success. Or if you don't need any help, just donate the funds you raise using the button at the top of this website or by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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