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Giving Tuesday Slider

What is #GivingTuesday?
As the festive season gets underway, the simple idea behind #GivingTuesday is to encourage people and businesses to “give” to charities on Tuesday 2 December 2014. #GivingTuesday follows the sales of Black Friday and the on-line shopping boom of Cyber Monday. After spending a lot of money on ourselves and loved ones, it is time to contribute to a cause close to our heart. #GivingTuesday is a growing global movement now spanning five continents!

Why give to Brake on #GivingTuesday?
There are five people killed on UK roads every day. Giving to Brake on #GivingTuesday will help fund our vital road safety campaigns to stop these deaths and injuries from happening. It also funds our services helping bereaved and injured families. 

How can I give to Brake on #GivingTuesday?
There are lots of ways to raise money and give to Brake this #GivingTuesday. Pick from one of the below great ideas!

1. Just give. It's quick and easy to make a donation online

2. Text BRAK33 £3 to 70070

3. Run a Brake Bright Day on Tuesday 2 December 2014 in aid of Brake in your workplace or community.  It's a dress down day with a difference - you dress bright! Dig out your neon tutu and fluorescent leg warmers and donate a pound to Brake. The day helps to remind drivers to slow down and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, and it's perfect to have a Brake Bright Day during the dark month of December and the party season. Register here.

4. Make an early New Year's Resolution and sign up to take part in one of our sponsored fundraising events. We have the event for you, whether it's a fun run or a sky dive!  Find out more by filling in our quick and easy form.

5. Organise a Bake for Brake selling home-made buns and biscuits at a coffee morning or in your workplace, or even turn it into a competition with taste judges and an entry fee! Or alternatively organise a book or CD sale, or some easy fairground games such as "how many sweets in the jar" or "name the teddy" in your workplace / community space. Donate the funds you raise using the button at the top of this website or call 01484 559909 to pay by credit card or send a cheque to PO Box 548 Huddersfield HD12XZ. 

Every penny raised for Brake goes towards our dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting those bereaved or injured in road crashes.

For more ideas, get in touch. email or ring Lisa on 01484 683294.

Thanks for your support!





Commit to raising just £2.50 for Brake.... every penny helps!

“What a difference you've made to our family at this awful time. Without your organisation all the people like me would have nowhere to turn."

It’s heart-warming to hear that we are helping people cope with the utter devastation of losing a loved one in a road crash.

Are you aware that, just last year, 1775 families suffered the heartache of a loved one dying on our roads. Brake helps families whose lives have been torn apart by a sudden death or injury. We offer emotional support and practical information through a helpline and support literature. Our helpline, though, costs £50 an hour to run and this is why we are asking for your support.

In memory of those lives lost, Brake is hoping to raise £1,775 through our #moneyboxchallengein the next 12 months. We are asking supporters to order a MoneyBox and pledge to raise a minimum of £2.50 in loose change, and then donate the coins to us.

We’ve got some brilliant ideas as to how to use your MoneyBox:

* Pockets too heavy? When you empty them out, put the coins in your MoneyBox. It’s amazing how quickly loose change adds up!

* Office Management – Could you take your MoneyBox into the office and charge people a fine for swearing, being late, not turning off their computers, not washing pots etc,

* Save coins - Every time you receive a 20p in change, save it and put it in your MoneyBox. You only need 13 and you’re over target!

* Love #GBBO? Why not bake cakes and sell them at work. Use the MoneyBox to collect your takings.

Would you be interested in joining us for this challenge?
Email or ring Joe on 01484 550060 to request a MoneyBox and commit to fundraising for Brake today!

Thank you.

Abseil or zip for Brake

What a fantastic adrenaline rush in aid of such a great cause!   Brake are looking for daring fundraisers to take part in our latest adrenaline-fuelled challenges. IMG 4862 preview.jpeg

Check out photos from our recent Abseils here! 

Zip Slide, North Wales - Saturday 13th April 2019 and Saturday 21st September 2019

Want to do something truly exhilarating and adrenaline-filled? Why not zip down Europe's longest and the World's fastest Zip Slide at an incredible 120mph?

Plus, you''ll have breathtaking views over the Penrhyn Quarry to take in as you zip!

Check out the video here - 

There is a £25 registration fee and we ask that you raise a minimum sponsorship of £150.

Want to take part in the Abseil or Zip Slide? Or fancy doing a similar event in your area?

Email or ring Lisa on 01484 683294

Stay tuned for more fantastic events coming in 2019!

There are Abseiling and Zip Sliding events happening most months of the year across the UK. 
Just get in touch and we'll find one near you.

Want to do it? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or complete a short online form to find out more.

Photos of fundraisers on our facebook page 
Tips on raising sponsorship 

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Adrenalin junkies needed!

BungeeBrake is looking for adrenalin junkies across the UK to get their kicks away from roads and have the thrill of a lifetime in aid of us! Follow the links or call Lisa on 01484 683294 or complete a short online form to find out more.

Parachute jump! Imagine standing at the edge of aeroplane door at 10,000 feet, the wind ringing in your ears with distant fields below. Now imagine falling forward into the clouds, freefalling at 120mph, and the peace and quiet as the canopy opens and you begin a tranquil descent. Find out more

Abseil or zip slide! A bit more exciting than taking the lift down! We have dates and locations across the UK especially to give you a thrill! Read more

Bungee! The classic adrenalin rush! You've always wanted to, so now's your chance. Loads of locations across the UK especially to help Brake! Get more details  

Swim with sharks!He’s ten feet long, weighs twenty six stones and he’s looking for diving buddies! Brake, in association with the Blue Planet Aquarium at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, is offering you the opportunity to experience one of the most spine-tingling encounters of a lifetime. Come eyeball to eyeball with a ten foot long sand tiger shark! Find out more

Roll down a hill! Sphereing or ‘hill rolling' is the challenge of rolling down a hill at up to 30mph in a large inflatable ball - wearing a full body harness! Not for the faint-hearted and not a ‘gentle ride’ but possibly the most fun and biggest adrenalin rush you'll ever experience. Get more details

Spend a night in a haunted house! Whether you’re a fan of Most Haunted or a confirmed sceptic, this is a great fun and spine chilling fundraiser.  At haunted locations throughout the UK, ghost hunt participants will be joined by paranormal experts. Read more

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Become a Brake Tubber

Fancy raising awareness for road safety and fundraising to help save lives, all whilst gaining skills, having fun and improving your CV?

Why not become a Tubber for Brake?

We are looking for people to join our fabulous group of Brake volunteers.

What is a Tubber, and what do they do?For Tubber wesbite

A Tubber is a Collection Tub Coordinator, placing Brake collection tubs in various locations, such as pubs, shops and local businesses. Tubbers will be responsible for monitoring these tubs, collecting and counting money when they are full, and reporting back to the Community Fundraising team at regular intervals to make sure we have an accurate record of our collection tubs.

What makes a good Tubber?

A great Tubber needs to have good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills. To do this role you will need to liaise with pubs, schools and businesses, so you must also have the confidence to do so.

When and where?

This role is very flexible. The amount of time you spend volunteering will depend on how many collection tubs you decide to coordinate.And you can choose where you put your collection tubs. So, it's down to you when and where you volunteer!


As a charity that relies on fundraising, placing collection tubs in your community will help raise vital funds for our life-saving work. It will also help improve your skills, especially in organisation and communication, and is a great way to boost your CV!

How will Brake support YOU?

We will provide all the resources you need as a Tubber. We will also provide any support you need - all you need to do is contact the Community Fundraising team at or call 01484 810457.

This sounds great! How can I apply?

To apply, email or call 01484 810457.

Beep Beep! Day: fundraising

Brake is a national road safety charity that exists to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries that happen on roads every day, make streets and communities safer for everyone, and care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes. The money you raise supports this vital work.

Funds raised for Brake through events such as Beep Beep! Day help us to support bereaved and injured victims of road crashes, to campaign on various issues including for 20mph limits and crossings in communities.

Fundraising ideas for Beep Beep! Days

There are many ways you can raise money for Brake as part of your Beep Beep! Day event. Below are a few examples of fundraisers that other organisations have run and you can find more examples on our fundraising pages:

  • Have a bake sale! Baking is back in fashion and is an easy way for children to raise money for Brake. Make your favourite cupcakes or try our traffic light biscuit recipe and then sell them to parents, staff and pupils.
  • Hold a bring-and-buy sale or fun day and invite parents and local residents to have a stall or attend on the day, with proceeds going towards Brake.
  • Have a fun dress-down day! Encourage all the children to come to school dressed in bright clothes and donate a pound to raise money for Brake.
  • Play 'name the teddy' and give children the chance to win a cute teddy bear. Download our Name-the-bear Sheet; choose a name for the bear and seal it in an envelope. Charge £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, who wins the teddy and donate the funds to Brake.
  • Guess how many sweets are in a jar.  Find a glass bottle; fill it with sweets of your choice, decorate
    with a ribbon and make it look attractive, count the sweets and seal the answer in an envelope. Charge £2 per guess. When the sheet is complete, announce the winner, who wins the sweets and donate the funds to Brake.

How your fundraising can make a difference:

£10 allows Brake to provide a free picture book for a child who has been bereaved in a road crash, to help them begin understand their loss, and guidance to their carers

£50 enables us to operate our helpline for an hour, supporting people affected by road crashes

£150 enables Brake to train 20 people to become campaigners for road safety in their community

£450 helps Brake to coordinate a road safety media campaign in a local community to help make their roads safer

pdf-bookFunds also help us produce resources such as our 'Someone has died in a road crash books' (pictured), which help children who have suffered the death of a loved one in a road crash. To order a copy, call 01484 559909 or email You can also go to, a Brake project committed to sharing best practice research and resources for professionals working with people affected by sudden bereavement. 

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Bike for Brake

As a road safety charity, Brake is passionate about drivers taking more care to protect cyclists, so we’re the perfect charity to support by doing a sponsored bike ride.

We have places on the London to Paris Cycle 2019:

The perfect cycle for any Tour de France follower!
Brake is looking for 10 keen cyclists to take part in a fabulous fundraising cycle, from London to Paris.  

Day 1: London to Calais (95 miles)
Day 2: Calais to Aras (75 miles)
Day 3: Aras to Beauvais (70 miles)
Day 4: Beauvais to Paris (60 miles)
Day 5: A day in Paris to watch the Tour de France finale

What’s included?:  All  accommodation, travel by ferry and Eurostar, all meals during cycling days, water, refreshments, guides, mechanics and medical support.

What’s the cost?:  A £125 registration fee to secure your place and we ask that you raise £1,650 in sponsorship.

To sign up, visit:

Want to bike for Brake? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or complete a short online form to find out more.

Brake were a Charity of the Year on the London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2018:

We had spaces on the London to Brighton Cycle Ride in 2017 and 2018. Over the two years, an incredible £25,000 was raised for Brake!

The challenge started in South London, went through Mitcham, Carshalton, Chipstead, Banstead, Haywards Heath and finally on to Brighton having completed 54 miles!

Photos of previous London to Brighton Cycles are available here.

Gemma Black cycling photoBrake fundraiser Mike Stockton, who is senior asset control manager at Royal Mail and fleet safety specialist, says: "Road safety is a big part of my day to day life due to the nature of my role at work and from the first time I met the team at Brake I was impressed by their work and enthusiasm. When I thought of undertaking the London to Paris Bike Ride, Brake were my first choice to fundraise for. It was a great motivator during the long days in the saddle knowing that money I raised was going to such a great charity. The importance of the work they do was brought to life when one of the cyclists in our group was in a collision with a car on the first day and had to be airlifted to hospital."

Want to know more?
Photos of our fundraisers on facebook 
Tips on raising sponsorship 

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Coral 2
Bingo is a fun game for all ages.   It's very simple - a series of random numbers are selected from a sack or by a bingo machine. Players have cards (all unique) containing a set amount of numbers. If a number is called which matches a number on their card they can cross it off. The first to cross off a full line of number, two lines of numbers or all their numbers (called a full house) wins a prize.

A number of games could be played throughout the evening, with entertainment, food and music in between.

Where to host your event?
Church and community halls, school halls or social clubs are ideal.  But you could even organise a small Bingo night at home with a barbecue.  Bingo can be played anywhere! 

It is good to include some sort of refreshment to make a real night of it.  Most bingo nights will include some form of refreshment so you need to think about catering facilities and a bar if you require one.  Often tickets for the Bingo Night can be sold to include some kind of meal. Perhaps serve food that could be cooked by volunteers in advance and then reheated at the venue.

You will need to offer some form of drink, be it soft drinks, alcohol or simple teas and coffees. With alcohol sometimes it’s easier to perhaps offer food but allow the venue to supply the bar. Another simple option is to have a BYOB (bring your own bottle) system; this also can get you around licensing requirements.

How to fundraise
You can charge for the bingo night in various ways - some prefer an all-in price for the evening which will include a card for every game and refreshments; others prefer to charge per game.  It's always best to offer the option to purchase extra game cards too - this way you can make more money.

What you need
To organise a top bingo night you will need
- Bingo cards and equipment (widely available online)
- Pens or bingo dabbers for participants
- A bingo caller (someone to shout the numbers out)
- A microphone & speaker (or a bingo caller with a loud voice!)
- Prizes for winners

Make it fun
Why not have a theme for your bingo night and have all your players wearing fancy dress? Perhaps prizes could be awarded for the best dressed!

Sounds fun doesn’t it? A simple social event!
For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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Be inspired Click here for photos of our fundraisers  


Brake Ball 2018


website pic

               The Brake Ball 2018

Thank you for joining us at Brake’s first ever charity ball. It was an unforgettable evening of fun, food and fundraising, all in aid of raising vital funds to help us continue our dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes.




 Lisa photo3


Katie photo

 Stay tuned for Brake Ball 2019!

For more information, please email call 01484 559909


Where is the Ball taking place

At the exclusive Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln, LN1 1YW

How much are tickets?

£40 per person.  

Buy a table of 10 for £375.

Tickets are available here

How can I buy tickets for the Brake Ball?

Is there an age restriction?

Due to the timing and nature of the event, children below the age of 12 will not be admitted into the Ball.   All guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and all guests will be required to hold a full price ticket.

What can I expect on the night?

You will be received at the Hotel by a red carpet arrival and a complimentary welcome drink.  Whilst you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, there will also be the opportunity to have a professional photograph taken by the Lincoln Journal.

This will be followed by a three course meal, with complimentary wine.

During the evening, you can participate in raffle, fundraising games and much more including live music, courtesy of Mind Your Head.

What’s the dress code?

Black tie for the gentlemen and formal evening wear for the ladies.

We encourage attendees to come wearing a hint of red, in support of Brake.

What are the timings for the Brake Ball?

The running order for the Ball is as follows;

7.00pm        Arrival
7.30pm        Dinner service starts
Midnight      Event finishes

All attendees will be notified should there be any changes

When will I get my tickets?

Paper tickets will not be issued for this event.  Your email confirmation doubles as your ticket.  On arrival at the Ball you will be greeted by a Brake member of staff who will have a full list of invitees.

Do I have to accompany my guests to the ball?

No, all guests are welcome to arrive on their own.  We will have their names on our arrivals list.

Can I sit with friends?

We will endeavor to sit all those in the same booking together. 

If you have friends who have booked separately, please email to advise that you wish to be seated together.

Can I book a table before I have the names of all my guests?

Yes, you can purchase a table in your name and let us know the names of guests a later date. We will need to know the names of the guests and menu choices by Friday 19th October.  Please email us at to confirm.

What is the menu on the evening?

Ham Hock Pressing  -Brioche crumb, piccalilli puree, pickled vegetables, micro parsley
Butter Roast Chicken Breast -Fondant potato, French style peas
Strawberry Cheesecake (V)-Berry coulis, sweet cream, lemon crumb

Or the Vegetarian Option
Roasted Beetroot Salad (v) -Goat’s cheese, orange, walnut dressing
Gnocchi Pomodoro with Fresh Basil (v) -Fricassee of wild mushrooms, fresh herbs
Strawberry Cheesecake (v) -Berry coulis, sweet cream, lemon crumb

I have special dietary requirements, will you cater for that?

We can check with the hotel if notified in advance. There will be an opportunity to flag up any special dietary requirements when purchasing tickets.  Alternatively, let us know via email at by Friday 19th October.

Is there accommodation available on the night?

We have secured a 10% discount for overnight accommodation at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel 

To book a room online: please click here
To book over the phone: please call the in-house reservations team on 01522 565 188 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and quote BRAKE BALL.

Please note that if guests call outside of these times then they will be directed to the Hilton Central Reservations Team who cannot offer discounts

For more information email

Directions how to get to the hotel

Will parking be available?

There is limited parking at the Hotel itself for guests staying. There is however a public multi-storey car park (Lucy Towers Car Park, LN1 1XL) just a few minutes walk away. 

Brake would highly recommend that attendees either order a taxi to take you home, or use the discounted hotel rates available to stay overnight.

I can’t attend the Brake Ball, how can I donate?

Thank you for your kind offer.  Donations to Brake can be made at


Brake's Virtual Run

 Brake's Virtual Run is BACK for 2018!

This summer we are aiming to collectively run 1,753km in memory of the 1,753 people who are killed, on average, on Britain's roads each year. 

Register for Brake's Virtual Run this summer to receive your t-shirt, fundraising pack & create your unique supporter page where you can raise money, upload photo's and log your running activity!



4 easy steps website



What is a Virtual Run?

In a Virtual Run, virtually anything is possible. Unlike traditional, physical events a virtual event takes place wherever and whenever you want. Imagine running in your neighborhood whilst hundreds of other people do the same in theirs.

It's your race, so you can choose what distance you run and how fast you run it.

This year we are asking participants to collectively run 1753km during the summer in memory of the 1753 people who are killed, on average, on Britain's roads each year.  Participants can run as many times as they like during the summer and are able to upload every time they complete a run to their Virtual Run page created when registering.

When is it taking place?

Brake's Virtual Run is taking place this summer 1st July – August 31st 2018.  You can choose to complete your run on one specific day or run multiple times throughout the summer to help reach our 1753kmtotal. 

Why is the total 1753?

On average 1753 people are killed on our roads each year.

 This figure is based on statistics produced from the Department for Transport from 2012 – 2016.

Where do I register?

Registration is now open, click here to register

It costs just £5 for all participants.

Is there an age limit for Brake's Virtual Run?

Brake's Virtual Run is for all ages so there is no age limit for those taking part.

Each participant will need to pay the registration fee of £5.

How much does it cost?

It costs just £5 to register for Brake’s Virtual Run 2018.

Once you have registered you will receive a Brake Virtual Run 2018 t-shirt, fundraising pack and a Virtual Run sponsorship form.

I want to register a large group, do I have to register everyone individually?

Each participant will need to pay the £5 to take part in Brake's Virtual Run. 

For larger groups please call 01484 550060 to register and pay for the places over the phone.

Do I get a medal for taking part?

Yes! If you fundraising as part of your run, you will receive the following rewards; 
  • Raise £10 participants will receive a personalised certificate.
  • Raise £50 will received a special Virtual Run 2018 Medal for taking part in the event.
  • Raise over £100 you will be put into a Prize draw to win one of two Garmin Activity Trackers
 All the money raised as a result of Brake’s Virtual Run 2018 will be in memory of the 1,695 people who are killed on our roads each year. The money will go towards our dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes.

How do I add my run to the totaliser?

During registration, each participant will create their own page, where you can upload pictures and easily log and runs you complete.

Click here to watch a video explaining how to log your run manually.

You can even sync you favourite Strava, Fitbit or MapMyfitness account to automatically upload your activity throughout the summer! Click here to see how to connect your fitness device to your page.

All activity logged on any virtual run pages will automatically be added to the totaliser. Click here to view the live totaliser.

How far should I run?

This is your race, so you choose how far you run.  We recommend that you set yourself a target during registration. Why not give yourself a challenge – something to work towards.

You can let us know how far to plan to run during the registration process and set a target for all to see on your fundraising page.

How do I fundraise?

You will receive a hard-copy Virtual Run sponsorship form when you receive your pack. Can't wait until then? We'll also email you an online copy when you register.

If you want to do your fundraising online, an Everyday Hero page during the registration process.

Your fundraising page is a place where you can upload pictures and log any runs that you do. It’s important to log if you have done a run on your page, so it can be added to the totaliser and help run 1753km.

Money raised as a result of Brake’s Virtual Run 2018 will be in memory of the 1753 people who are killed on our roads each year. The money will go towards our dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting those who have been bereaved or injured in road crashes.

Can I run in memory of someone?

Yes.  We have many supporters who would like to take part in Brake’s Virtual Run in memory of a loved one.

There will be an opportunity to say who you are running for during the registration process.

Can a team of us run together?

Yes! We strongly encourage running with friends, family or colleagues to get the most out of your Virtual Run. Why not have a competition to see who can run the furthest or raise the most money?

You can either create or join a team during the registration processor once you have registered as an individual.

Where can I run?

You can complete your run anywhere, (so long as you are not breaking the law!)  

Why not complete your run;

  • down at your local park 
  • at your local gym on the treadmill
  • as part of an organised local event

Where you choose is up to you!

Are there any running events happening near me?

There are many 5K, 10K, half and full marathons also taking part all across the UK.

Click here to find out where your nearest run is.
Participants will have to register for external races individually.  Brake does not take responsibility for booking you onto these races.

Want something more local and less formal?   Park Run organise hundreds of weekly, free, pre-arranged races in local parks all across the UK. You can find your nearest one here.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can email or call 01484 550060 if you have any questions or require any more information.

Brake’s Fundraising Team

katie shephardKatie Shephard, development director

“I’m proud to work for an organisation that delivers such a diverse range of work. From our projects with primary school children to our support services for families bereaved in road crashes, I believe that the work Brake does makes a lasting difference to lives across the country.”

Katie started with Brake in 2008 as fundraising manager and joined the executive team in 2010 as development director. She manages the corporate and community fundraising teams, the professional engagement team and the community engagement team. She also works cross team to achieve the charity’s wider financial targets and grow new income streams. Before starting at Brake, Katie worked as a project manager at an education company, delivering training for healthcare professionals across the UK on behalf of the NHS.

lisa kendallLisa Kendall, community fundraising and volunteer manager

“My role involves me speaking, every day to people who have been bereaved in road crashes. I hear how not just their lives, but whole communities, have been torn apart by the devastating loss of their loved one. A loss which could have been prevented through safer driving.”

Lisa began work at Brake in 2002, initially doing just 9 hours a week helping whoever needed help. She slowly found her niche within the organisation and started looking after the volunteers and as the number of supporters increased, so did her hours. Before too long, looking after fundraisers became a natural progression and Lisa now manages the incredibly busy Community Fundraising team.

joe fentonJoe Fenton, community fundraiser

‘I’m very proud to work for Brake, it’s an honour to work with our fundraisers on a daily basis, many of whom have suffered tragic loss or injury. Their strength and selfless generosity is truly inspiring and it’s amazing to see the weird and wonderful lengths people go to, to support our cause’

Joe began working for Brake in November 2014 where he joined the Community Fundraising team. As part of his role, Joe works with volunteers across the UK to coordinate a range of community events to generate vital funds for the charity work. Joe also works closely with companies, schools and bereaved individuals, helping them to undertake fundraising and road safety awareness-raising projects.

richard coteauRichard Coteau, corporate fundraising manager

“Companies have an opportunity to make a real difference in road safety through partnering with Brake. I’m proud that we work with such a diverse range of organisations who share our passion for road safety, and through their generosity we are able to campaign for safer roads while supporting people bereaved and seriously injured in road crashes”

Richard joined Brake in 2010, initially working in Brake’s professional engagement division, supporting fleets in managing their at-work road risk and engage schools and communities with road safety education events. In 2011, Richard joined Brake’s corporate fundraising division. As corporate fundraising manager, Richard is responsible for overseeing all of the projects Brake runs in partnership with its corporate supporters, from helping fleet operators to deliver educational presentations in schools and colleges, to working with high street brands such as Specsavers and Direct Line to run national awareness raising campaigns.

mike bristowMike Bristow, corporate fundraiser

“Managing relationships with our corporate partner’s means that I get to promote all aspects of our charity. It’s really rewarding to hear some of the fantastic ideas that come from our supporters.”

Mike joined the Corporate Fundraising team as an intern in 2014 after graduating in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Huddersfield. Mike manages a range of corporate relationships as well as encouraging new businesses to support the charity, working to ensure companies gain the most from a partnership with Brake. Mike has supported companies on a range of different activities including at-work driver training for Morrison Utility Services, supporting Churchill with the launch of their Lollipoppers initiative & acted as a media spokesperson for Asda Optician’s driver eyesight campaign.

charli brunningCharli Brunning, corporate fundraiser

“Having worked for a number of charities in the past, I am extremely happy to find myself at Brake. I am a strong advocate for sustainability and outdoor activities, and am extremely excited to be a part of the vital work that is done here to ensure our roads and communities are safer places for all; whether people are cycling to work, walking to school or running on a weekend morning.”

Charli joined Brake as the newest member of the corporate fundraising team in August 2016. Prior to this she was working with The University of Leeds Sports Development Department to lead the first Gryphons Abroad project; taking a group of University of Leeds students to rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, to deliver life changing workshops to secondary school children. The main aim of the project is to implement and develop a bike hub in hope of giving children more opportunity to attend secondary school, as they would cover the vast distance to school in a much quicker time.

abi smithAbi Smith, corporate fundraiser

“I joined Brake in the hope of understanding the problems on our roads and because the mission of the charity has a personal relevance to me. The issues at hand are a huge undertaking, and I’m proud to be part of a passionate team determined to make a difference.”

Abi joined Brake in mid-2016 as corporate fundraiser. With a background in retail, administration and third-sector volunteering. Abi’s role utilises all skill sets in engaging with people and initiatives, including working with corporations and developing effective partnerships with Brake, communicating all opportunities and developments within the charity. Some of the partnerships she currently manages include EDF Energy, Simpson Millar LLP and Arval.



 We are looking for inspiring Brake supporters to organise a local event showcasing local talent, bringing the community together and to raise money towards preventing future road death and injury on our roads.

You can organise a gig, concert, comedy night, dance show, open mike night, busk or simply organise to have a bucket collection at a pre-arranged event.

We will promote ALL Brake Fest events to our Facebook and Twitter followers, to help you boost your attendance and maximize your money raised. We also have a section on this page to see what events are in your area.

Whether you’re a band wanting to organise a gig, go busking, or a theatre or dance group willing to put on a performance, get in touch and join Brake Fest!

Where can my event take place?

Anywhere in the UK (within reason!), it is up to you for find a venue/location for your event.

How do I register?

To register your event, simply fill out our online form here.

We’ll then be in touch to confirm details with you!

What resources will I receive?

Once you have let us know a little more about your event, we’ll provide you with a Brake Fest pack which includes;

  • Stickers
  • Balloons
  • Bucket Stickers
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Brake Fest e-poster
  • Brake Fest social media flyer
  • Brake t-shirt
  • Press Release template
We will also be happy to provide you with headed letter confirming your event details to show to venues/suppliers.

Will you help promote my event?

Yes! We will promote all fundraising Brake Fest events on Facebook, twitter and on our events page here. When you register, we will also provide blank poster and social media banner which you can use to share your event on Facebook and Twitter. 

We will also provide you with a press release template to help promote your event with local media.

Do I need a licence to Busk?

Many local councils encourage busking and do not require a licence. However, there are different rules, regulations and code of conduct policies in place depending on where in the country you are.

Visit to have a look at the rules in your area.

Does my event have to be in the summer?

Whilst we encourage events to happen over the summer to coincide with UK festival season, it is perfectly a fine to hold your event anytime throughout the year. 

Where do I send photos to my event?

You can use #BrakeFest or email them to

How can I fundraise?

There are many ways you can fundraise at your Brake Fest event. The simplest way to raise money is to have a bucket on the door or in front of you as you busk. You may want to hold a raffle at your event to raise additional funds.

For bigger events you could sell tickets to raise money, ask the venue if you can have a percentage of the bar takings or run the cloakroom charging a small amount per item on the night to boost your total!

Do I have to organise my own event?

A good idea could be to piggyback on other events like open mic nights or comedy night and see if you can have a bucket on the door.

Is it all about music?

No – we encourage people to hold all sorts of performance events such as plays, shows, comedy nights or any other entertainment as part of Brake Fest.

I need Public Liability Insurance, can Brake help?

Brake are happy to point you in the right direction, but Brake is not responsible for your event.

You are responsible for obtaining any licenses required for your event. You will also be responsible for carrying out any health and safety risk assessment for your event (if required) and ensuring that all participants are fully briefed and adequately supervised.


If you have any queries or for more information, email or ring Joe on 01484 550060.




Brantano & Brake

Brantano HI RESBrantano is calling for children and their parents in to pledge to walk to school more often in the new term, to help raise money for road safety charity, Brake.

Research by the shoe retailer has revealed that only a third of children and parents regularly walk to and from school every week and further research highlights that only a quarter of parents feel the route between their home and school is safe.  Brantano is aiming to encourage the school run to be made on foot rather than in the car in a bid to not only help reduce congestion and traffic dangers on the roads around schools but also to help promote a healthy lifestyle and safe walking in correctly fitted shoes. 

For every pledge Brantano receives it will donate 10p to Brake to help fund the lifesaving work it does in campaigning to prevent road deaths and injuries, and supporting people bereaved by traffic collisions.  To take part simply head to a Brantano store to take advantage of the free expert fitting service and pick up a pledge card.  Then share a photo holding your pledge card on Brantano’s Facebook or Twitter pages and Brantano will donate to Brake for every pledge photo shared.     

Brake logo with strap red

Louise Williams, fitting expert at Brantano said: "At Brantano, we are already committed to providing a service that looks after children’s foot health, we are keen to promote and encourage the health and environmental benefits of walking to school. The collaboration with Brake allows us to not only raise awareness of the importance of correctly fitting shoes for children’s foot health but also to reinforce messages about the dangers of roads and the importance of safe road use to both children and parents.”

Philip Goose from Brake, said: “All parents want their children to be healthy and happy, and getting out and walking and cycling more often is a great way to do this. Walking or cycling to school, and being active, can be great fun. It’s also healthy, and the more parents and kids who walk or cycle to school, rather than clogging up our roads and school gates with dangerous traffic and parked cars, the safer our roads become, and we’re delighted to be working with Brantano to promote active travel.”

Brake's mascot, Zak the Zebra, is a fan of Brantano's campaign, and has already got his photo ready - can you do any better?

Find out more about Brake & Brantano's partnership here.

Zebra Power 

Bungee for Brake!


BUNGEE JUMP - Saturday 20th October 2018

Reach the top of the 160ft height at Glasgow's Riverside Museum, enjoying stunning views across Glasgow.
Have a few seconds to prepare and then listen for the famous countdown...

There is a £30 registration fee and we ask that you have a minimum sponsorship of £150.

To register email or ring 01484 683294.


Fancy raising money for charity by hurling yourself off a high place while attached to a big elastic band?

Brake is looking for volunteers to face their fears and bungee for Brake! There are lots of events planned around the UK and dates throughout the year.  

If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch and we will get back to you with details of an event happening near you. 

Want to do it? Call Lisa on 01484 683294 or complete a short online form to find out more.

Want to know more?
Photos of our fundraisers on facebook  
Tips on raising sponsorship  

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Busking for Brake and street collections

Laura BroadheadA great way to raise awareness about road safety is to be out on the busy streets in your Brake t-shirt, either busking or standing and asking for donations.

Not only is this a great way to fundraise, it's great awareness raising of the need for road safety in your community.  Although it may seem like a daunting task, it's actually a simple way to raise money to support the charity and raise the charity's profile. 

What you need to do
Apply for a licence from your local council to hold your street collection on a particular date. You could be fined £200 if you collect money for charity without a licence.

Contact Brake to request your collection tins, buckets and letter of authorisation.

Gather together a group of people to collect with you. The more the merrier! Make sure you make an impact. Maybe dress up? Or wear a Brake t-shirt? Why not organise some street entertainment? (Talk to local musicians, dance groups etc). Whatever you do, make sure you comply with the rules of your street collection licence. 

For more information call Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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Be inspired Click here for photos sent in by our fundraisers  

Car boot or jumble sale

Janine LeslieWhat is it they say?  One man's garbage is another man's treasure!
  It's true, so why not hold a jumble sale or car boot sale and raise some money for a good cause whilst having a clear out!

Hold a jumble sale in your garage, garden or workplace, or for bigger sales investigate the possibility of hiring a community or church hall or book a space down at your local car boot sale.

It's easy to organise!
- Plan this well in advance and decide on a date.
- Ask around friends for help with both collection goods beforehand and on the day itself.

You will need:
- Items to sell, perhaps including clothes, shoes, books, games and general household items. (collect items well in advance of the day of the sale).
- Posters to promote the event
- People to help on the day.

You'll also need
- Carrier bags for people to take home their goods in
- Moneyboxes
- Tables to display goods.

How to promote your event
-Firstly tell everyone you know about the sale.
- Design and then distribute posters and flyers advertising the event around the local area to help advertise the event. Perhaps do a leaflet drop in your area, letting people know about the event.

At the event
Allow plenty of time to set up. Make sure each table has a collection money box.
- Decide on pricing your items. Make sure you have plenty of change in your moneybox float.
- Put up some Brake posters so people are aware of who we are and what we do. We can provide you with these.
- Consider the time it takes to pack away and what to do with unsold items.

Why not link the jumble sale with a coffee morning or a cake stall.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? A simple way to fundraise and clear out the clutter!

For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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Car wash!

Service 4 Service are proud to sponsor this page. 

Car wash
Sounds a bit dull, but not when you're playing 70's music, you're dressed in high visibility gear, and you're throwing sponges at each other (while brightening up hub caps)! And of course it's a really topical fundraiser for a road safety cause!

This is a fantastic way to have fun, team build and raise money for a great cause, and a perfect idea for your company, school, club or a car park in your lunch hour or in the afternoon.

Decide on the date and venue.  
When and where are you going to do it?    Create some posters advertising it.  Give yourself at least six weeks to plan the event. Why not contact your local authroity and enquire about car parks that you can use in your area.   Or, if you can't find a venue, ask your neighbours or work colleagues if they would like their cars washed for a fee?   You will be surprised how many people would rather pay you than to wash their car themselves!

What you'll need
Buckets and sponges
- Volunteers
- Energy and enthusiasm!
- Water
- Collection buckets
- Cash float
- A Brake fundraising pack

What to charge?
Either charge a note donation for every car wash or charge a nominal fee (usually between £3/£5).

Who's going to do it?  Who can help?
Why not ask your friendly local fire officers? They like a shiny engine and care deeply about deaths on roads as they often get called out to road crashes.

Invite the media along to take a picture of your event.
A great way to promote the cause and what you are doing. Why not make a banner for your media picture, saying  "Carwash not Carnage!" 

Stick the music on and get sponging!
Hand out road safety leaflets from your local council, or write your own called "Carwash not Carnage" thanking people for letting you wash their car in aid of Brake and asking them to slow down in your community and to sign the Brake Pledge.

Want to do it? Call Joe on 01484 550060 or complete a short online form for more tips and ideas to help your event be a success. Or if you don't need any help, just donate the funds you raise from your event using the button at the top of this website or by calling 01484 559909 to pay by credit card over the phone or send by cheque to PO Box 548, Huddersfield, HD1 2XZ.

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Photos of our fundraisers on facebook

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Charity football match

Matty Norman Football

What is a charity football match?

What it says on the tin - it's a football match with teams made up either of colleagues or friends.

Why not challenge another office or supplier?  How about getting together with a group of friends in memory of a loved one who loved football?

How to fundraise?
- Perhaps you could charge an entry fee per team?
- How about a number-of-goals sweepstake?
- Remember to have someone bucket-shaking in the crowds.

How to organise it!
Spread the word that you’re organising the event and ask for people to take part.
- Arrange teams
- Find a suitable location - how about the local park or local sports centre?

What you will need!
- A football (or two), a venue and people to play!
- Perhaps provide drinks for the teams?
- You might even consider providing entertainment for the crowds such as a barbecue or bouncy castle for the children.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?   A great team-builder too!

For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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Charity golf day


Browling SusukiA charity golf day is not only a great fundraiser, it's a great social event too.

This type of fundraiser is often organised by companies, who invite colleagues, suppliers and potential new clients. It works well as a great networking opportunity as well as a fundraiser.

Where to hold your event
If you are a member of a golf course, this may be the best place to hold the event.  If not, then contact golf courses in your local area.  Consider who can offer you the best deal and which course is most appropriate to the event you are hoping to run.  Most golf clubs are willing to help with the logistics of the golf tournament, but you will need volunteers to help with registration and any on-the-day fundraising.

When to hold it
Consider whether a weekday date would be better than a weekend (you may be more likely to be offered the use of the golf course for free mid-week). 

Decide how many teams you will be able to accommodate and how the timings will run on the day. To plan this, you will need to consider how long the tournament will be (a typical 18 holes or something different).
- Don’t forget that you will also have to allow time for registration, any refreshment breaks or meals, speeches, prize-giving and any fundraising elements (e.g. a raffle)
- Remember to check and make known whether the golf course has a dress code.

How to fundraise
Set a fee for each person or team to take part.
- Encourage your golfers to be sponsored for each round they complete or win.
- Hold competitions , for example the longest drive, closest to the pin, closest to the line, hole in one.
- Perhaps you could find a company to sponsor the whole event or to sponsor a hole.
- Organise a raffle or hold an auction. 
- Leave donation envelopes on tables.

Why not consider inviting someone to speak at the meal. This could be perhaps be someone with a personal experience of road safety, or a local celebrity or person of interest.

Who to invite – don’t limit this to personal friends and family.  Local businesses may be interested too.
- Could you advertise in local golf clubs' newsletters?
- Display posters at the golf club you are using (and other clubs in the area if permitted) as well as at community centres, shops or libraries.
- Contact local radios and newspapers

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? A sporty way to fundraise!

For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.

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