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For families and schools

NI Victoria Primary School CarrickfergusFundraising is fun!  Raise funds for Brake while spreading important road safety messages within nurseries, schools or colleges and across the wider community.

There are lots of ways that you (educators, parents and community groups) can get involved. Follow the links below for a range of ideas. 

Tell us about your own fundraising ideas or discuss your options, complete this quick form, or contact Lisa at or on 01484 683294.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // or on 01484 683Follow the links below for a range of ideas. Or, to tell us about your own fundraising ideas or discuss your options, complete this quick form, or contact Lisa at or on 01484 683294.Follow the links below for a range of ideas. Or, to tell us about your own fundraising ideas or discuss your options, complete this quick form, or contact Lisa at or on 01484 683294Beep Beep! day - teaching road safety to kids and parents through fun activities

Brake's Kids Walk - join thousands of children in walking to call for safer driving

Bake for Brake - Bake yummy cakes and biscuits and sell to family and friends

Join us on a sponsored walk - a stroll around the local park with toddlers or a climb up a mountain, the choice is yours.

Collect for Brake - show your support and set up a collection box

Fun Fundraising - some fun ideas for the office or in your community.


Give as you earn

Are you employed?
Would you consider giving a small regular donation to Brake, direct from your pay, on Pay Day?

Give as you Earn (also known as Payroll Giving) is an easy way you can offer Brake long term regular income. Regular giving is a fantastic way to support Brake. It provides us with a long term, steady income stream that enables us to plan our work more effectively and continue to provide support for families affected by road crashes.

Payments that you make, through a payroll giving scheme, are deducted from your gross pay before tax is deducted. This means that you are given tax relief on your donation immediately and at your highest rate of tax.  If you want to make a £5 donation to charity, £5 is deducted from your gross pay, but you save £1 in tax, so it only costs you £4. The full £5 comes to Brake.

How does it work?
You will need to fill in this form.

You don't have to inform your employer about your gift to us, it will all be sorted out for you. This usually takes a bit of time so don't worry if your donation doesn’t come out of your next pay packet.

How will I know if I'm eligible to join a scheme?
You’ll be eligible if you’re an employee or a pensioner and your employer deducts Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax from your salary or pension.

How much should I give?
You can give however much you'd like; it's entirely up to you. Remember, payroll donations are before tax so they really are the most efficient way to donate. 

What if my circumstances change?
You can change the amount you give or stop donating at any time. If you move job and want to continue supporting our work you’ll need to sign up with your new employer.

What will you do with my personal details?
We'll only use your contact details again if you opt to receive further communications from us. We will not pass your details onto anyone else.

Click here to sign up today!.



For more information telephone Joe on 01484 550060, email or complete a short online form.
Not for you? Return to the fundraising home page.

Raising sponsorship - how to do it, and have fun!

How do you go about raising the minimum sponsorship? At first it does seem a bit daunting doesn’t it? Read on for ways in which people have raised their sponsorship monies for Brake.

Collecting Sponsorship from family, friends and work colleagues

Create a webpage - this allows people to sponsor you online. The page is easy to create and once it’s up and running you can email your justgiving webpage address to everyone in your address book asking them to sponsor you.

Sponsorship Envelopes - Brake can provide you with these so that you can ask family and friends who live locally.

Involving the local community

Local School - One volunteer asked her local school to help and they organised a Dress-Down day. Each child paid £1.00 to come to school in non-uniform. She then popped into their Assembly on the morning of their Dress-Down day to talk about why she was raising money for Brake and about how important it was to be careful on the roads.

Your work - Perhaps your work could sponsor you? Or could your colleagues organise a Dress Down day for you? One volunter organised a barbecue for family and friends. The barbecue had a raffle, auction etc and was a huge success.

Local media - Ring the local papers and radio stations and tell them what you’re doing. Ask them to do a feature on you - it will not only raise awareness of road safety locally but is also a good way of asking for sponsorship from local companies etc.

Be imaginative

Organise a Quiz - how about creating a fun quiz a road safety quiz (take ideas from the Highway code!) etc. Charge £1.00 per entry and source a freebie meal from a local restaurant as the prize.

Bag Packing - One volunteer got together a group of family and friends (or the local scout group etc) and obtained permission from the local supermarket to pack bags in exchange for loose change and sponsorship?

Coffee Morning - easy to organise but profitable. Brake can provide you with a road safety quiz and various literature etc to promote your event.

Have a Party - Virgin Vie, Body Shop, Tuppaware(!) Parties offer the hosts/hostesses commission on the goods sold on the night. Put this commission towards your sponsorship and have a great night into the bargain.

Brake Bright Day - persuade your work or local school to have a Brake Bright Day. Everybody pays £1 to come to work/school wearing something insanely bright. It’s a great way to raise awareness for being seen by drivers, particularly in the winter months and each £1 goes towards Brake, topping up your fundraising total!

The main thing to remember, is to shout loud and proud about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it! There are SO many different ways to raise money.

If you think of a good one, not mentioned above, let us know by emailing and we’ll add it to this list!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Whatever your goal is, Brake will have an exciting sponsorship opportunity to meet your company’s needs. To hear more about the great opportunities available contact the contact the fundraising team via email or on 01484 55 99 09 and ask to speak to a member of the corporate fundraising team.

GO 20 reception 2014 banner outside parliamentCampaigning for safer roads - our partnership with Allianz Insurance
Brake and Allianz Insurance partnered to highlight in the media and parliament the need for 20mph limits as the urban default limit around homes, shops and schools as part of our GO20 campaign. Social media engagement which was underpinned by a successful ‘Thunderclap’ campaign, reaching more than 200,000 people. Broadcast coverage included Daybreak, Newsround, Sky News Radio, 5Live and LBC. The campaign has been shortlisted for an Insurance Marketing Award for the Insurance PR Campaign of the year.

Email us here to find out how we can support your road safety campaign, or how you can sponsor one of our initiatives.

Promoting best practice to fleet operators - our partnership with Mix Telematics
Mix Telematics are valued corporate partners with Brake, providing an annual donation to the charity to help promote best practice advice to the fleet organisations we work with. Through our partnership, Mix Telematics has helped Brake to highlight the benefits of fleets encouraging eco friendly driving through a webinar which was attended by 54 operators. As sponsors, Mix Telematics were also able to present one of their clients as a best practice case study, demonstrating how their technology can help to measure how eco friendly their fleet is.

Email us here to find out how we can help to promote your services to fleet operators.

Keeping children and communities safe - our partnership with DreamWorks
DreamWorks came on board as partners with Brake with an idea of wanting to encoruage parents to ditch their cars and walk their children to and from school. We worked with DreamWorks to create a media campaign highlighting the benefits of keeping children active by walking to school, and challenged schools throughout the country to tell us how many miles they were able to walk over a three month period. Utilising the DreamWorks characters Penguins of Madagascar, we held a media launch. 

Email us here to find out how we can help you to educate children on road safety. at a school in London talking to the children about how to stay safe when getting around their school. The event was a huge success and managed to gain national coverage in the Daily Mail, International Business Times and the Evening Standard.

Keeping your fleet safe - our partnership with Travis Perkins
Travis Perkins are valued corporate partners with Brake, making an annual donation to the charity and in return they gain access to our Brake Professional scheme, a specialist website which offers best practice guidance on a variety of road safety topics including drink and drug driving, mobile phone use and managing speeding drivers. Travis Perkins has supported Brake by speaking at our events, and staff have presented our engaging young people project to local schools and colleges throughout Northampton. Travis Perkins has also entered our Fleet Safety Awards, and employee Rachel Downs picked up our Fleet Manager of the year award in 2014.

Email us here to find out how we can help you to manage your fleet.