Cycle for Life

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kidsbikewheelCycle for life - what's it all about?
This cycling site aims to encourage safe cycling  – we hope you enjoy using it and find it beneficial. Use the link above to find out what we are trying to achieve, then enter the site by browsing below.

To bike or not to bike?
The benefits and risks of cycling in the UK.

Before you get pedalling
Preparation of you, your bike, and planning your trip with safety in mind.

Get campaigning
Speak up for the need for cycling facilities in your community - here's how.

Every day cycling
Advice on cycling when popping down the shops, going to school, or commuting and cycling for work.

Family cycling
Teaching young children to cycle safely, and information on cycling days out and holidays.

Cycling in groups
Advice on joining touring groups and other cycling groups, and cycling for Brake!

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