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The UK has suffered a gradual and damaging decline in traffic policing, meaning offenders, including drink and drug drivers, mobile phone users, and people who don’t belt up, know there is a chance they will ‘get away with it’.

This is no surprise, because roads policing is not a political priority - it features low down the list in national policing plans by the Home Office.

Technology, most notably average speed cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition, has been implemented and saved many lives - but could be used much more.

Worryingly, fixed speed cameras are being removed in some areas for political reasons, despite the revenue they generate and lives they save. Roadside drugalysers are still not in use. Crash investigations are often inadequate - there are no statutory standards for investigation, and there is no national crash investigation agency. There is also under-resourcing of enforcement of truck and bus safety, which is of critical importance given the size and weight of these vehicles and requires specialist officers using specialist equipment.

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