Teach road safety

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Road safety is a great subject in which to engage children and young people. It's a subject even the youngest children know something about because everyone uses roads, and road danger impacts on everyone. Road crashes are a major cause of death and injury among the young, with the risk rising as children reach secondary school age and have more independence. Danger from traffic is also a big factor in whether children are allowed to walk and cycle to school, to the park or to see friends, and therefore their ability to be healthy and socially active. 

It's also important to address road safety in school policies to protect children and young people on trips.

First get enthused and find out the basics on teaching road safety effectively in our Introductory guide to teaching road safety. Then browse the links below for road safety teaching tips, downloads, and policy guidance for teachers of different age groups.

Road safety events for schools
Teaching tips and lesson ideas
Posters, downloads and games for early years and primary
Videos and online resources for young people aged 11 and older
Policies and safe trips

Events for schools
Brake runs a range of events and programmes to support and encourage schools and communities to teach, promote and campaign on road safety. Sign up to take part in any of these and you'll get free resources to help you, as well as a great opportunity to get life-saving messages across:
- Road Safety Week: the UK's biggest road safety event each November: an ideal time to teach road safety and campaign for safer streets
Giant Walking Bus: a giant march every June for primary schools to say yes to healthy walking and no to people driving fast
Beep Beep! Day: a fun day to help nurseries and infant schools teach 2-7 year olds the road safety basics and raise awareness among parents
2young2die campaign and competition: for engaging teens and young people in road safety

Teaching tips and lesson ideas
Introductory guide to teaching road safety
Early years teaching tips
Key stage 1 lesson ideas        
Key stage 1 lesson script

Key stage 2 lesson ideas       
Key stage 3 lesson ideas       
Key stage 4 lesson ideas  
Key stage 3&4 learning needs  
SEN tips

Posters, downloads and online games for early years and primary
A - Z of road safety colour-in poster (pdf)
Child seats colour-in poster (pdf)
Traffic light biscuits recipe
Letter for parents on child seats (pdf)
Zak the Zebra campaign poster (pdf)
Beano cycle safety poster (pdf)
Primary whiteboard discussion slides (powerpoint)
Links for info, games and activities
More free downloadable posters

Videos and online resources for young people aged 11 and older
Sober up leaflet for young drivers (pdf). Contact  for hard copies of this resource
Victim videos and voices for older pupils
2young2die website
for older pupils
Brake and RSA's hands-up survey for teens on pedestrian and cyclist safety. You can then fill in the results online to help inform Brake's campaigns and engagement work.

Policies and safe trips 
A road safety policy for your school/nursery     
Organising trips on foot safely      
School bus and coach transport    
School Travel Plans 
Pedestrian and cycle training