Road safety resources for children and adults with SEN

Road Safety Scotland

Produces an interactive website for children and young people with mild to moderate learning needs. Its visuals and content are designed to be fun and user friendly, with elements such as sound and graphics that can be switched off for users with different learning needs. It is presented in a computer game style, using footage depicting four journeys on foot and one by bus, with four levels of difficulty. A support section offers advice for parents. Go to

Educari Ltd

has produced a DVD and guide for educators of children with SEN, focusing on KS2 and KS3. The DVD will contain interviews with children with special needs and their parents or carers, exploring the issues faced by children with SEN in relation to road safety. The DVD will also include questions and activities. The DVD and guide will be available for free to local authority road safety officers to use with schools, but there may be a charge for schools to order directly (TBC). To register your interest in ordering the resource, email or call 01328 878790.

London Accident Prevention Council

Produced Road Safety for Makaton Users, a 56 page guide providing basic road safety guidance to road users, their instructors, teachers, and carers who have a need to use or communicate through Makaton. Click here for more information.

The Safety Centre in Milton Keynes

Provides practical road safety training in safe, simulated environments for children and adults with learning disabilities. Go to

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