Road safety resources for educators

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These tools and resources can be downloaded and used in your road safety lessons and educational activities. Click on the resource to open in a new window, then right-click to save or print.

For guidance on teaching road safety and lesson ideas, go back to Brake’s road safety teaching guide.

For information on 2017 new car seat laws for parents take a look at our letter home.

Interactive activities

These can be used as visual aids and teaching tools alongside a range of activities. Go back to Brake’s road safety teaching guide for accompanying teaching ideas and advice.

sobersq  'Sober up' by Brake: use this tool for discussions about drink and drug-driving
Interactivespeed Stopping distance activity by Brake: use this tool to demonstrate how speed of travel affects stopping distances
Interactivecalc Morning after drink-drive calculator by Brake: this shows how long it takes the body to process alcohol. Use this tool with older students (Key Stage 4 and beyond) who are currently, or may be thinking about, driving, or may accept lifts from friends
co2 Carbon footprint calculator by Brake: use this with students to demonstrate the carbon footprint of driving. This could be used as part of a discussion about the environmental impacts of different forms of travel, and to reinforce the benefits of choosing sustainable travel over driving
Pledge logo 2015 Brake Pledge: a six-point promise that adults, young people and families can sign up to to help keep themselves and others safe on roads. You could encourage young people or parents to Pledge online or use our print-out form or template email
presentation Discussion slides: powerpoint to spark discussion on key road safety topics among upper primary and lower secondary pupils


Download and print the posters below to display on noticeboards, displays and in foyers. See the Brake shop to order hard copies of printed resources and for more downloads. More posters aimed at children are available on the THINK! website, and from the websites listed below. 

For primary schools and early years:

beep ‘Stay safe near roads’ poster by Brake, covering basic road safety steps for parents of early years and primary school children
dennis 'Beano: Menaces are head strong' poster by Brake, on wearing a cycle helmet, for upper primary children
zak 'Zak the Zebra' poster by Brake, for primary schools to use to encourage drivers and parents to slow down
wyha ped image ‘Where’s your head at’ poster by Brake on pedestrian distractions, for upper primary children and parents

For secondary schools and colleges, and to raise awareness among drivers and parents:

wyha dri image ‘Where’s your head at’ poster by Brake on distracted driving
noneedtospeed image ‘No need to speed’ poster by Brake showing a potential consequence of speeding

Activities and factsheets

For primary schools and early years:

colour1 ‘Colour me in’ road safety activity poster by Brake, for early years and lower primary
abcd ‘The road safety alphabet’ activity sheets by Brake, for early years and lower primary. Children can colour the pictures in and discuss what is happening in each
 kidseat ‘Special seats help kids stay safe’ colour in poster by Brake on child seats, for early years and lower primary

For secondary schools and colleges:

drop ‘The physics of speed’ fact sheet by Brake. Demonstrating the equivalent height of a fall to car on pedestrian collisions of varying speeds
soberthumb ‘Sober up’ drink driving fact sheet by Brake, for upper secondary. This is a downloadable, photocopiable resource.  Hard-copy sober up leaflets with the same information also available for free (+P&P)
chart ‘Driver deaths chart’ by Brake, for secondary schools. Shows the likelihood of death or injury for drivers according to age group and gender


You can play videos in workshops, presentations, lessons and assemblies to get across key road safety messages and stimulate discussion. You could also link to them from your website, email bulletin or on social media.

For primary schools and early years:

elmo1 'Elmo stays safe' video by Sesame Street in partnership with the FIA Foundation
groversafari 'Safari Grover' video by Sesame Street in partnership with the FIA Foundation
groverastro 'Astronaut Grover' video by Sesame Street in partnership with the FIA Foundation
groverpilot 'Grover the Pilot' video by Sesame Street in partnership with the FIA Foundation
bright 'The girl who didn't dress bright' video by THINK!, on being bright and being seen

For secondary schools and colleges:

VidBarbara ‘Barbara’s story’. An interview with a woman who suffered serious injuries when a drunk and drugged driver crashed into her car, video by Brake
VidRebekka ‘Rebekka’s story’. An interview with Lynda, whose daughter Rebekka was hit and killed by a driver who had been on his mobile phone, video by Brake
VidBrodie ‘Brodie’s story’. A young man, Richard, talks about his friend Brodie, who was killed by a speeding driver, video by Brake
VidDarren Darren’s story’. A UK firefighter speaks about traumatic crash scenes he has attended, video by Brake

Surveys for children and young people

Use these sample hands up surveys, or whichever questions from it you think are most relevant for your students, to get them thinking about road safety through a discussion-based lesson.

Survey for 5-11 year olds on the safety of students’ local area for walking and cycling.

Teens on foot and bike survey for 11-18 year olds on their walking and cycling habits

Other tools and resources

Sample letter for parents on 2017 car seat law changes. Download and print for parents.

Websites on teaching road safety

Visit these websites for further resources and guidance on teaching road safety.

Advice, guidance, and resources on road safety from the Department for Transport. Go to their sites for early years and primary schools and secondary schools for lesson plans, curriculum links, activities for children, advice for parents, and more

Road Safety Scotland
Schools in Scotland can access guidance, resources and information on teaching road safety relating to the Scottish curriculum

Road Safety Wales
Schools in Wales can access guidance, resources and information on teaching road safety, including Welsh translations of resources

Websites for kids

These sites include road safety games and activities for children.

Tales of the road
Road safety advice for kids showing consequences of risk taking through cartoon imagery, by the Department for Transport

Childrens Traffic Club
An active travel and road safety multi-sensory programme for under 5s using augmented reality technology. 
Activities, videos and resources for families

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