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Brake Professional events: Brake offers a full calendar of professional development opportunities for fleet and road safety professionals, including conferences, seminars and webinars, master-classes and on-site training.
View the calendar of Brake Professional events.

Road Safety Week: Brake organises two domestic Road Safety Weeks, in the UK and New Zealand, and professionals and campaigners are at the heart of them. Road Safety Week is a partnership event; Brake coordinates the week, but it is up to everyone to run initiatives in the week that spread road safety messages. Many participants also choose to raise funds for Brake and our work campaigning for road safety and supporting road crash victims.
Find out more about UK Road Safety Week (23 - 29 November 2015)

Brake's Giant Walk: Every year, Brake co-ordinates a Brake's Giant Walk for primary schools. This event raises awareness of the dangers of traffic and how cool it is to walk, and raises funds for Brake's work to improve road safety and care for road crash victims.
Find out more about Brake's Giant Walk  (10 June 2015)

Beep Beep! Day: Every year thousands of tots and infants age 2-7 take part in a special Beep Beep! Day organised by their nursery, playgroup, childminder or infant school, to help save little lives. Brake provides free email action packs or bumper resource packs for £12.60 (including VAT) to help you run a fun day and promote road safety, including posters, stickers and other resources.
Find out more about Beep Beep! Day  (18 March, 10 July, 25 November 2015)


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