Key stage 1 lesson script

Road safety assembly or lesson for 3-7 year olds (foundation to end of key stage one) (10 – 20 minutes, depending on available time)

Props – wear a high visibility coat or vest. Buy through the Brake web shop (very cheap). Also take a sturdy toy truck that rolls in a straight line, and a torch.

"Today we’re going to talk about road safety.

I’m going to start by telling you something really sad. Every day children are very badly hurt by traffic on roads in this country while those children are walking or on bikes. We’ve all fallen down and hurt our knees haven’t we? Children who are hurt on our roads are much more badly hurt than that. Some are so badly hurt that they don’t get better or even die.

I’m now going to tell you something really good. We can all learn really easy things to keep us safer near roads and we’re going to do this in this lesson, so we can stay safe.

Can anyone tell me some kinds of traffic?

(Car/ Bus / Truck / Fire engine / Motorbike etc.)

Can anyone do the NOISES that this traffic makes?

(Children make traffic noises)

That’s one of the useful things about traffic. You can sometimes use your EARS to hear it coming.

Traffic isn’t just noisy, it’s also FAST. This means it comes quickly. Does anyone know why traffic can move so fast, faster than you on legs?


Let’s do an experiment, to see if wheels are faster than legs

(Child chosen to then walk sensibly across the hall holding hands with you, while a solid, toy truck (use a big one that goes in a straight line) is rolled across the hall at the same time – the truck will move much faster.)

Traffic is also HARD. Prod your tummy. Is it soft or hard?


This is why traffic can hurt you. You are soft and traffic is hard.

We’ve found out that traffic is NOISY, FAST AND HARD AND CAN HURT US. So let’s all clap our hands for learning these important lessons

(Children clap)

Hands are good for clapping. What else can we use hands for to keep us safe on roads?

(Holding hands)

What other bits of our body can we use to keep us safe on roads (pointing to eyes and ears)

(Eyes and ears)

That’s right, we have to look for traffic, and we have to listen for traffic. Sometimes we have to look very carefully and listen very carefully because traffic might be far away or round a corner, but we know it might get to us fast.

I know a rhyme that we can learn today. Are you ready? Listen carefully so you can copy me when I say it again.

I STOP before I cross the street,

I use my EYES and my EARS before my FEET.

(holding up hand to indicate ‘stop’ then pointing to eyes, ears and then feet)

(Repeat with the children.)

I think it’s time for another experiment.

What do you think is special about my jacket?

(Bright, light)

It’s called a high visibility vest, and it’s so useful that the police and fire officers wear them so they can be seen really well.

High visibility vests can be seen by the headlights on traffic when it’s dark, so drivers know you are there and can slow down. It’s good to wear one, particularly when you are walking home from school or are out and about in the autumn or winter. Let’s see if it works. We’re going to switch off the lights and draw the curtains just for one minute and see if we can see my jacket with a torch. Who wants to help?

(Child shines torch on jacket)

So always wear something bright at night and ask your mummy or daddy to buy you a high visibility vest and to wear one too.

Now we’re going to play my thumbs up, thumbs down game. If you think that I am saying something sensible and safe, stick your thumb up. If you think I am saying something daft and dangerous, stick your thumb down.

My balloon has gone into the road and I am going to run after it

I want to cross the road and there is a green man showing.

I want to cross the road but there is a red man showing.

My best friend is further up the road but they haven’t seen me, so I want to run ahead of my mum to catch them up.

I’m going to play in the park away from roads

I’m in the car but I think we are going to be late for a party. I tell my dad to drive faster.

(Children stick thumbs up and down. Use as the basis of discussion. Why are these things safe or dangerous? What do the children think?)

I think we’ve all done very well there and thought very hard about how to stay safe. Let’s give ourselves another round of applause.


OK, so we’ve learnt that traffic is DANGEROUS, and we must HOLD HANDS with a grown up, stay away from roads and STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN before crossing roads.  And we’ve also learnt to tell grown ups to SLOW DOWN if they are driving, to keep children safe.

Let’s see if we have remembered our rhyme

I STOP before I cross the street.

I use my EYES and my EARS before my FEET!

Well done everybody."

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