Cycle for life - what's it all about?

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cycle4life_2There are many websites that promote cycling, that tell you to get on your bike and get pedalling. There are many websites like that for a good reason - it’s important that we get out of cars and stop polluting the planet. It’s also important that we use our bodies and get fitter - obesity is a major cause of early death.

This website, however, is slightly different. Our objective is to encourage people in the UK to cycle in safety and to raise awareness among drivers of the vulnerability of cyclists. UK cyclists face many risks and have, in many instances, limited facilities - fewer than in more cycle-friendly nations such as the Netherlands. We aim to help you consider the benefits and risks of cycling in a range of situations and, if you decide to cycle, to prepare for it and do it with safety in mind first and foremost.

We believe that:

  • In some instances, it just isn’t safe enough to cycle. You need to make your own mind up - it’s your choice. We want to help you make your decisions with the risks as well as the benefits in mind.
  • A civilised society concerned about the environmental impact of cars should have comprehensive networks of cycle paths, cycle training for all, and low speed limits and speed enforcement in built up areas and on bendy rural roads in particular to protect cyclists and pedestrians. These measures are beginning to be implemented in the UK, but not fast enough.
  • People should be given the knowledge to enable them to campaign for such measures in their communities.

We hope you enjoy the site, that it gives you some useful knowledge, and that it encourages you to get on your bike - in safety.

Brake is a charity entirely reliant on donations. Cycle for life has been made possible by one amazing woman and her supporters - thanks to their fundraising. Read Lynne Beale’s story here…



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