Thank you Lynne Beale

Cycle4Life has been entirely funded by Lynne Beale and her supporters. This is her story:

“Why did I raise funds and why did I do this for Brake and cycling safely?

My life was turned upside down when I lost a very dear friend Kevin Storey in May 2005.  Kevin was killed when an unlicensed driver drove into a layby on the A50 at high speed and collided with Kevin’s car when he had stopped to set up his sat nav.

Kevin had worked tirelessly to improve road safety and he often participated in charity events to raise money to support children’s charities.  In the news around the time that Kevin was killed the issue of cycling safety seemed to be in the headlines.  I was determined to bring myself out of a spiral of depression and needed to concentrate my attention on returning to health.  Cycling was something I always enjoyed as a child and thought it would be good to help me return to fitness while also giving me the opportunity to do something in Kevin’s memory that would be put to good use in reducing the number of collisions involving cyclists.

I had worked with Brake and I asked  if it would be possible to develop a larger section on Brake’s web site to help promote cycling safely and raise awareness of cyclists with other road users.  Brake works tirelessly to raise the issue of road safety both in the media and with the public, companies and schools as well as providing services for road crash victims.

Therefore, I decided to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise funds to pay for the site to be developed.”

Congratulations and enormous thanks to Lynne from Brake! Lynne made it to John O’Groats and thanks to her we have developed Cycle4Life, and will continue to develop it into the future. If you are interested in fundraising for Brake and helping us to get road safety messages through to people, go to our fundraising pages now.

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