Cycling for the environment

cycle4life_3About half our CO2 emissions in the UK are from vehicles. Getting out of our cars and on to our bikes saves the environment for future generations. It also makes communities more pleasant for everyone right now, with cleaner air, less congestion and quieter roads.

You are also choosing a socially responsible option for safety. On a bike, you are on a lightweight object that stands little chance of harming anyone compared with a car.

The British government increased its cycling budget from £10m in 2007 to £60m in 2009/10 and 2010/11. Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Transport explained why: “Cycling has a major role to play in any sustainable transport strategy. It helps tackle congestion and local air pollution, as well as the emissions that cause climate change. 23% of car trips are less than two miles, a distance easily cycled in less than 15 minutes.”

Useful links:
A Sustainable Future for Cycling, the Government’s action plan on cycling and sustainable transport, shows central Government’s commitment to cycling and is a useful document if you need to talk to your Local Authority about the need for more services for cyclists such as cycle paths.
Smarter Choices is the Government’s campaign to encourage people to use bicycles and walk rather than drive.
Act on CO2 is the Government’s campaign on reducing carbon emissions through individuals’ actions.

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