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cycle4life_4Cyclists benefit from cycle paths away from traffic; slow traffic and more space for cyclists on roads if off-road cycle paths are not possible; cyclist-friendly junctions; safe crossings; lighting and signing; and cycle parking. Visit the Cycling England Gallery to see examples of best practice. Yet sadly many parts of the UK don’t have these facilities. Cyclists share bendy rural roads, fast A roads and busy town roads with every other form of transport. If you think your community needs more facilities for cyclists, visit our campaign pages for help on getting what you need.

The good news is that in some areas of the UK Government and Lottery funding is resulting in new facilities for cyclists:

Case study: Aylesbury becomes a Cycle Town

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire is a Government Cycling Demonstration Town. Since the project began in 2005, cycling has tripled. More than one in 10 Aylesbury residents now use bikes as their main mode of transport. With government funding, seven safe cycle routes run into town and there is a cycle loan scheme which reduces the cost of buying a bike by half. Visit Cycle Aylesbury for more information.

Sustrans wins Lottery Funding for cycling routes

Sustrans, the UK sustainable transport charity, campaigns for and builds cycle routes. In December 2007 they were awarded £50m from The People’s Lottery Fund to create 79 key bridges, crossings and routes to link communities with each other and with open spaces, work places, local amenities and schools.

Useful links:
Cycling England for information on other cycle towns and cities.
Sustrans for more information on their cycle route building programme.

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