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Cycle training is valuable whatever your age; it’s not just something for kids. It can help you to improve your cycling skills and save your neck. There are cycle trainers across the UK, many specialising in offering training to children, often through schools, and many also offering training for adults. Links to these are at the bottom of this page. Make sure a cycle trainer you use is accredited and following the national standards (see useful links below).

Many schools run free courses for children aged 10 and above, funded by the local authority. If your school doesn’t offer it, talk to your local authority road safety unit and find out if it is possible. If not, campaign for this training to be provided - particularly if you have safe, under-used routes for cyclists in your area. As well as practical training, it helps to read up on how to ride safely. There are many resources offering detailed information on topics ranging from bike maintenance to the dangers of cycling near lorries. See below links for further reading.

Useful links:
Bikeability lists instructors in your area, promotes cycle training for kids and gives advice to parents
CTC lists private accredited instructors
The National Standards in Cycle Training - ask your bike trainer if they comply

Further reading:
Cycle craft is a useful book including a wealth of advice on riding safely and maintaining your bike.
The Highway Code (online version) is essential reading if you cycle on roads.
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents on line cycling fact sheets include important advice on the dangers of cycling near lorries.

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