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cycle4life_5Are you taking your life in your hands when you get on your bike in your community due to speeding traffic or lack of cycle paths or both?

Campaign for better facilities for cyclists such as cycle paths

Your local authority’s highways department is responsible for roads in your area. This means it is their job to make sure traffic, including cyclists, can move around safely. If you think there is scope to create cycle paths, introduce traffic calming or implement other measures to reduce dangers to cyclists, then your local authority is the first port of call. Brake’s community pages on this website help you liaise effectively with them to achieve results, and gives you tips on campaigning through local politicians and the media if you don’t get the results you need.

Ask for free cycle training in your school

If you have roads that are appropriate for children to cycle on, contact your local authority’s road safety unit or cycling officer to find out if your school is eligible for training. Check out Cycle4Life’s cycle training page to find out more.

Encourage your school to teach road safety and the benefits of walking and cycling and develop their School Travel Plan

Brake provides ready-made resources to help schools teach children about road safety. These include lesson ideas, guidance on developing their School Travel Plan and teacher training. Check out our education section.

Find out more about Brake’s campaigns

Brake actively campaigns through Government at a national and local level and through Parliament, with a focus on driver safety issues, such as reducing driver speed. Visit Brake’s campaigns pages to find out more about our campaign work.


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