Commuting by bike and cycling for work

cycle4life_5If you have access to safe routes, commuting by bike is good for your health and the environment. Organisations offering online cycle route planners and tips on cycling to work are listed at the bottom of this page.

Using bikes while at work is also becoming more popular. As well as cycle messengers in busy cities, police and community workers such as paramedics are turning to pedal power as an effective way to patrol the community.[i] Employers can save money on the cost of bikes for employees through the Government’s Cycle2Work scheme. If you are required to cycle as part of your job, ensure your employer has a robust safe cycling policy covering training, clothing, lighting, risk assessment of routes, pre-ride inspections, punctures, storage, theft and insurance. If they don’t have a policy, talk to your managers or union. Don’t put your life at risk for the sake of a pay packet.

It’s up to you to make use of safety measures your employer introduces. Royal Mail agreed to provide cycle helmets to post men and women but the CWU has reported 70% non-compliance. [ii]

Useful links:
Use the below links for online cycle route planners and tips on cycling to work.

Bike for All
London Cycling Campaign
Cycle Friendly Employers
Cycle2Work scheme
Bike Belles (promoting cycling by women)

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[i] A Day in the life or a community warden, Chichester District Council
[ii] Source: Dave Joyce, National Health, Safety and Environment Officer, CWU

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