Travelling by bike and public transport

cycle4life_3Longer journeys can feel more convenient by car as it’s ‘door to door’. But have you considered using public transport and taking your bike with you for the bits of the journey at either end? This especially makes sense when commuting from one town to another, travelling to cities where parking can be a problem, or to rural areas where local bus services may be infrequent, or when visiting friends or going on holiday. Remember to consider the safety of what you are planning above all else. Make sure you are certain you have a safe route at either end.

Useful links:
Advice on travelling with your bike on public transport in the UK and abroad from the CTC.
Use a route planner listed on this page of Cycle4Life to plan your route.
Visit the campaigning page of Cycle4Life if you need to campaign for more safe routes for cyclists in your community.

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