Cycling with kids

cycle4life_13Kids love bikes - and cycling with them is a great way to stay fit and enjoy some quality family time together while helping teach them important safe cycling lessons. As well as cycling with younger children, children aged 10 or older who have passed their on-road cycle training will also benefit from cycling with you as a family. They are still inexperienced and less able to anticipate dangers on their own. Think carefully before giving permission to older children to cycle on roads on their own - this will depend on the safety of cycling routes around your home.

Cycling away from roads with your family

Safe places to cycle and have stress-free fun as a family include off-road cycle trails, parks and many forests and country parks with specially created mountain biking areas. Many have cycle hire facilities. In cities, velodromes often have indoor and outdoor facilities that are open to children of a certain age - check them out on the web.

Getting to the start of your ride

If you cannot cycle safely from your door, you may choose to buy or hire a bike carrier for your car. This means you can take your bikes anywhere but it has a serious downside of not being environmentally friendly. The better option is to use public transport, carrying your bikes with you or hiring them when you get there. This takes more organisation and might not be possible in all cases. However, it can be worth the effort and give you more quality time with your family - children love buses and trains.

Useful links:
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