Carrying Pre-Schoolers

cycle4life_7There is a huge range of products on the market designed to transport children by bike, from front and rear-mounted child seats, to trailers, tag-alongs and tow bars. Which is the best for you depends on: your own experience and fitness; number of children; size, age of children; route choice and surface; traffic levels and danger; distance you are planning to ride. If you can, try before you buy. Most cycle hire centres stock a variety of bikes and child-seat accessories that you can test out with your children.

Be aware that child carriers increase the size of your bike, alter the balance of your bike and can make manoeuvring more challenging. Child seats on bikes aren’t safety seats with crash protection, and uncovered seats offer no protection from the elements either - a child who is not pedalling can get very cold or sunburnt so ensure they are well wrapped up / have suncream on. Trailers place your child at the level of vehicles’ wheels and exhaust fumes, and Brake consequently does not recommend they are used on roads. They can be great on off-road, well surfaced cycle trails.

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