Family cycling holidays

cycle4life_15Whether you organize your own trip, or book a ready-made package, cycling holidays can be great fun for all the family. Many tour operators provide everything you need, including bikes, safety gear, routes, luggage transport, emergency pickup and accommodation.

Getting there and back: Getting to and from the start of your cycling holiday by public transport, with all your luggage, your children and your bikes can be a logistical challenge but fun too! Minimise the hassle by carrying as little luggage as possible. Do you really need that extra outfit? It’s not the environmentally-friendly option, but if you are travelling by car, carry bikes safely using a properly fitted bike rack or trailer. Avoid overloading and observe lower speed limits if towing.

Plan your routes: Plan your cycling routes in advance to ensure they are achievable and away from traffic, including journeys to and from trail heads. Plan in rest days to avoid aches, pains and complaints! Tiredness can lead to dangerous mistakes.

Insure yourself: Get the right insurance to cover your family and your bikes in case of injury or damage. Check liability terms if you are planning to hire bikes or equipment. If hiring your bikes, check they are in good condition and the correct size and type for each rider before you set off.

Cycling in the rain, wind or blistering heat is uncomfortable and can be dangerous so check likely weather conditions before you go, and ensure you have the right clothing for the conditions.

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