Benefits of following this guidance

Peace of mind that you are providing the best possible crash protection in the event of a crash.

Best-possible comfort for the children, who invariably get fidgety on long journeys.

High standard of compliance with risk assessment procedures within your institution.

Opportunity to use the process as part of a learning exercise for the children on measuring and the importance of their special child seat or seat belts.

Opportunity for a learning exercise for younger children on measuring and the importance of their car's special child seat.

Helping children to be safer when out and about in vehicles with their parents or other relatives, as they will be more aware of the importance of seatbelts and child seats.

Opportunity to update your internal health and safety policy to ensure you apply this standard on every trip.

Evidence that you can use when you apply for your Healthy School status, or on your website when you are explaining what a safe and responsible institution you are.

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