Commit to raising just £2.50 for Brake .... every penny helps!

“What a difference you've made to our family at this awful time. Without your organisation all the people like me would have nowhere to turn."

It’s heart-warming to hear that we are helping people cope with the utter devastation of losing a loved one in a road crash.

Are you aware that, just last year, 1775 families suffered the heartache of a loved one dying on our roads. Brake helps families whose lives have been torn apart by a sudden death or injury. We offer emotional support and practical information through a helpline and support literature. Our helpline, though, costs £50 an hour to run and this is why we are asking for your support.

In memory of those lives lost, Brake is hoping to raise £1,775 through our #moneyboxchallenge in the next 12 months. We are asking supporters to order a MoneyBox and pledge to raise a minimum of £2.50 in loose change, and then donate the coins to us.

We’ve got some brilliant ideas as to how to use your MoneyBox:

* Pockets too heavy? When you empty them out, put the coins in your MoneyBox. It’s amazing how quickly loose change adds up!

* Office Management – Could you take your MoneyBox into the office and charge people a fine for swearing, being late, not turning off their computers, not washing pots etc,

* Save coins - Every time you receive a 20p in change, save it and put it in your MoneyBox. You only need 13 and you’re over target!

* Love #GBBO? Why not bake cakes and sell them at work. Use the MoneyBox to collect your takings.

Would you be interested in joining us for this challenge?
Email fundraise@brake.org.uk or ring Joe on 01484 550060 to request a MoneyBox and commit to fundraising for Brake today!

Thank you.

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