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someone has died book

Like adults, children affected by road death and injury need loving support and information. It is often better to tell children things through honest discussion and involve them in decision making rather than keep them in the dark and leave them excluded in an effort to protect them from the truth.

Our free book for children bereaved by road crashes, Someone has died in a road crash, is full of colourful, warm illustrations and text that helps adults to support children and answer their questions, and is best read in its printed form. Call the Brake helpline on 0808 8000 401 for a copy of this book if you care for a bereaved child and have not already been given it by your police contact. The book is also available to professionals (although a charge may be made) by emailing

You can also use our guide for supporting children bereaved by any type of sudden death on our Sudden website, an initiative by Brake sharing best practice, research and resources among professionals and carers who work with suddenly bereaved people.

If you are a professional caring for suddenly bereaved children, you may also wish to attend one of our regional seminars on sudden child bereavement. These are particularly suitable for teachers, club leaders, social workers, counsellors and health professionals.


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