Your memories

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This section is dedicated to the memory of people who have died in road crashes, and also tells the stories of people seriously injured in road crashes. Each story is written by a family member or close friend. Click on the links below to read more.

If you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash and would like to contribute to these pages, click here to send us your story, a memory, or poem. Please attach a photo if you can. Alternatively, write to: Memories, Brake, PO Box 548, Huddersfield HD1 2XZ. (Please do not post original photos.)

Your memories

A tribute in memory of everyone who has died in a road crash

Brake has a Tribute webpage dedicated to the memory of those who have died in road crashes.

If you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash and would like to create a Tribute, please click the button below.


To visit the Brake Memorial Rose Garden, and read the Tributes, please click the button below:

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Donations at funeral services

One way to celebrate the life of a loved one is to ask family and friends to make a donation at their funeral service. Often people choose to make a donation in lieu of flowers. If you would like to ask for donations for Brake at a funeral you are arranging, we can make the process as simple as possible for you. Click here to find out more.


Adam Wall - never a moment from my thoughts

My innocent son:AdamWall
I cannot bear to think
That you were left fatally injured alone
That the man who caused your horrific injuries
Left you lying unprotected in the road

He without a thought just left you
He did not stop to help
But drove on until his damaged van could not go on

He has taken your precious young life
Your plans, your hopes and your dreams
You had so many years ahead of you
So much you wanted to do
He has taken away your future 
And he has taken mine too

Where was this man’s compassion?
Where was this man’s conscience?
Where was this man’s humanity?
You and I know that he has none

He received no injuries
Even though he was to blame
He can carry on with life having taken yours so violently
And has left a broken hearted mother
Struggling to carry on without you, Adam

Your killer told police that I should get on with my life
Easy for a killer to say
I had to ID your Broken Body, my Beautiful Son
The utter torment of seeing the Horrific Injuries you sustained,
This vivid picture of your Broken Body is with me constantly

No chance for one last hug
To say – I love you, although I know you knew
For you are the Darling of my Heart
And I will always love and remember you
This killer who callously wiped out your precious young life

He left you dying in the road
He was wearing defective glasses
He was on his mobile
He told police he was running his van into the ground
This arrogant killer showed no remorse at all

We are told that there is Truth and Justice
That the guilty will feel the force of the Law
But you and I know that this is not true

Why did this callous killer not have to answer
For his horrific, violent crime 
On one so young
On you Adam, My Innocent Son?
Missing You my Darling Adam

So much sadness here today Adam
My heart is so heavy with pain
As I see so many parents with the lost look in their eyes.
Each one trying to hold themselves together.

I can see it, and I want to cry out
We should not be here,
We should not have to mourn for our children.

As we listened to the music of the Brass Band
And emotions overcame us
We let our tears of sadness fall.

We walked through the grounds of Hixton Hall
Past trees with leaves of gold and orange and red
They look beautiful
But the pleasure of such beauty has gone now you’re not here.

We walked past a lake and saw a family of swans,
Parents and signets swimming together
A lovely sight
But the pleasure of such beauty has gone now you’re not here.

We gathered together on a small hill
Where we stood in silence for some time before letting our balloons go.
The balloons we had held so tenderly, as if we were holding our child
The balloons on which we had written our child’s name and message of love

We let our balloons go, but I was not letting you go my darling Adam
I watched your balloon ascend, swaying and dancing until it was out of sight
It was taking my message of love to you

You are in my heart now and always
And never a moment from my thoughts
I miss you more than words can say
I miss you every minute of the day
My heart is broken, but my love for you will never fade 

Written By
Bridget Wall, Adam’s Mum

Terry Brice - Miss you dearly

TerryBriceMy brother Terry was 55 years old and married with five children.
Terry was a lorry driver for many years and was an experience driver.

Terry is forever in my thoughts and I love him and miss him dearly.

Shellie Brice


Ricky Burlton - our hero

RickyburltonOur sweetheart Ricky was just 20 years of age when painfully knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver.  The driver fled the scene leaving Ricky there to take his last breath.

A year on and nothing changes for us; we sit here feeling emptiness hoping some day he will walk back into our lives. 

Cousin Rosie writes:  
“Rick, you always had time for everyone;  you always put others first.  We will also remember your love of England and cars and we will always remember the cheeky smile we shared with you. We love you Ricky.”

Dad Mark writes:
“Ricky was an entertainer - he loved seeing people enjoy themselves and would do anything he could to try to get people to laugh.”

Sister Chelsea, 14, writes:
“Ricky made me smile all the time, even after I’d spent a long time doing my hair nicely only to have him ruffle it up. He always made me laugh.”



Scott MacKenzie - my little brother

 scottmackenzieMy little brother Scott died 3 weeks after turning 17 over Christmas 2008. 

He was a passenger in a car and the driver  was, during the journey, using his mobile and driving at excess speeds of 80mph. 

We have been campaigning and fundraising in the north of Scotland ever since. 

Miss you Scott.
love Claire x