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Using roads is part of children's daily lives so they often have a lot to say about it if encouraged. Traffic is one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury among kids, and danger from traffic has a big impact on families' ability to live healthy, active life-styles. Road safety is therefore a brilliant topic for infant and primary schools, to help you meet a range of curriculum goals, have a positive impact on the local community, and save lives.

There are many stimulating ways to address the subject; one of the best ways is giving children ownership of it by getting them campaigning for road safety through creative projects. Children can be powerful advocates for road safety, helping parents and the wider community to be safer, and calling on drivers to protect children, as well as learning about road safety themselves. Children can also help fundraise for Brake and our services for people bereaved and injured on roads.

Follow the links below to get teaching and campaigning!

Brake's Giant Walk for schools
Our giant annual event for primary schools: kids march from the school gates, saying yes to walking and no to people driving fast in your community.

Road Safety Week
The UK's biggest road safety event, coordinated by Brake each November, is an ideal time to teach road safety, campaign for safer streets and fundraise for Brake. Register for an email action pack to help you.

Beep Beep! Day
A fun road safety day for 2-7 year-olds, to teach young children the road safety basics and raise awareness among parents.

Teaching resources
Our online guide to teaching road safety year-round, including lesson ideas, assembly plans, colour-in posters and advice on safe school trips.

Bright Days
Bright Days are a great fundraiser that you can run in Brake focussing on being bright, being smart and following the Brake pledge. This event can involve teaching goals focussing on any of the six aspects of the Brake pledge.

Community campaign kit
Advice on campaigning for safer streets in your local area. 

Seminars on supporting bereaved children
Acclaimed annual seminars on working with and supporting children and young people who are suddenly bereaved, run by Brake's Sudden initiative


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