Direct Line & Brake Reports on Safe Driving

The reports are based on surveys of UK drivers, revealing their attitudes and behaviour on key road safety topics, and providing an insight into what needs to be done to make our roads safer for everyone. 


2015 dl1 thumbIn-vehicle distraction

2015 dl1 thumb

Vehicle Maintenance


2015 dl1 thumbRoads Policing and Criminal Justice

DLreport ADAS February 2019 thumbnail new 220 292Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Speed report


Speed report

Cities for People


Speed reportOur Strategic Road Network

2015 - 2017

2015 dl1 thumb1. Are you ready to drive?

2013 dl2_thumb2. Fit to drive

2015 dl3 thumb3. A risky business

2015 dl4 thumb4. Speed

2012 - 2014

2013 dl1_thumb1. Are you ready to drive?

2013 dl2_thumb2. Fit to drive

2013-dl3-thumb3. A risky business

2013-dl4-thumb4. Speed

2013-dl5-thumb5. Driven to distraction

2009 - 2011

1. Are you ready to drive?1. Are you ready to drive?

  • Driving tuition and testing
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Seat belts 
  • Crash protection

2. Fit to drive?2. Fit to drive?

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Medication
  • Tiredness

3. Speed3. Speed

  • Speeding on urban and rural roads
  • Keeping your distance
  • Overtaking
  • Speed limits and enforcement

4. A Risky Business4. A Risky Business

  • How safe is your driving
  • Fears for loved ones
  • Perceptions of risk
  • Safe transport choices

5. Driven to 
distraction5. Driven to distraction

dl6 thumb

6: Young drivers


5. Driven to 
distraction7. Men vs women

dl8 thumb

8: At work drivers

Read our 2003-2015 summary report, with key findings and trends from 12 years of driver surveys.

Archive safe driving reports by Brake and Green Flag, 2003-7:


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