Community campaign kit

So, you want to make streets in your area safer for local people, and prevent needless deaths and injuries? This guide to running a community campaign gives you lots of useful advice to get started.

You, your family, and people of all ages in your community have a right to be able to use roads without fear or threat. You can make a big difference by getting together with others and shouting loud and proud about road safety.

Getting improvements for your town or village and helping local people to use roads safely may take time, but it's amazing what can be achieved – and there are lots of examples of communities making big improvements, reducing casualties, and enjoying the benefits of safer streets.

The information and advice given in these pages will help to give your campaign the best possible chance of success.

Setting up a road safety group

Online campaigning

Organising a petition

Holding a demonstration

Getting in the media

Road safety events

Lower speed limits and safer road design

The Brake mascot - Zak the Zebra

If you want to campaign for 20mph in your community, please get in touch with for tools and advice.

Stephanie_DaviesThis page is dedicated to the memory of Stephanie Davies, 35, lollipop lady and mother of two, who was knocked down and killed by a bus while on duty outside Seedley Primary School in Liverpool Street, Salford.

Stephanie left behind her husband Martin, five year old daughter Anna, and son Adam.







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