Kids get involved!

walkingbusIt's sad but true that sometimes children are run over and hurt or even killed by dangerous drivers.

Some kids, like Danica, have injuries that affect them for the rest of their lives. 

Danica was injured by a driver who was so dangerous that he drove onto the pavement, killing Danica's aunty Paula and running over Danica's legs. Here's a picture of Danica.

danicaDanica says: "I’ve had to grow up quickly. I’ve learnt a lot about the world and I want to share some of what I’ve learnt with you. Look out."

We say drivers should hit the brake, not a child or adult. They should drive slowly and carefully, never using mobile phones when driving, and never driving after drinking alcohol. They should always watch out for kids and adults who are walking and cycling.

But the sad fact is some drivers aren't slow, careful and safe. So you have to look out for yourself and your friends. Never trust traffic.

Here are our top tips to help you stay as safe as possible:

1. Hold hands with your mum, dad or carer and make sure little kids hold hands too.

2. Think hard about where you are going and how you are going to get there using pavements and crossing roads at the safest places, like crossings with traffic lights. If you're not sure which way is safest, ask an adult before you set off. 

3. Always stop, look and listen before crossing a road. Never cross if you are not sure it is safe. If your friends cross when it's not safe, don't follow them.

4. Play in the park, not near or on a road. Never muck about near roads, even if your friends do.

5. Don't cycle on roads that are really busy or have fast traffic on them. If you haven't been on a cycling proficiency training course, ask your school if they can set one up.

6. If you are in a car, you need to use a child or booster seat if you are smaller than 150cm tall. 

7. Help your mum, dad or carer drive safely. Ask them to drive at 20mph or slower around homes, schools and shops, and to slow down on country roads too, in case there are people about. Ask them to never use a mobile phone while driving. You can ask them to sign Brake's Pledge about safe driving.

8. Ask your mum, dad or carer if you can travel by train or bus instead of by car. Trains and buses are safer and more fun, and better for the environment. Or if it's a short journey and there are safe pavements, ask if you can walk together.

9. Get your school to take part in Brake's Kids Walk and raise awareness about road safety and the health and planet-saving benefits of walking.

10. If you have a little brother or sister at nursery, tell your mum or dad they can take part in a special road safety day for little kids: Beep Beep! Day.

You can also read our mascot Zak the Zebra's tips for families on using roads safely.

And play some fun road safety games here.

Want to do more? There are lots of ways your family can support Brake here



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