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Kwik Fit has been helping keep British drivers safer on the roads for over 45 years and has teamed up with Brake to highlight the importance of car maintenance in improving road safety.

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While car manufacturers continually develop technology to make vehicles ever safer, the most important factor in reducing incidents remains the behaviour of the person behind the steering wheel.

In a 2017 survey, Kwik Fit wanted to ask British adult motorists to find out their top driving irritations, to highlight the importance of being considerate to other road users. As a result, Kwik Fit created a guide to modern motoring etiquette to expose the bad habits of drivers with the help of some more innocent drivers!


Over half (57%) of Brits surveyed said that being tailgated by other road users is the biggest driving annoyance, whilst aggressive driving (55%) and failing to indicate (53%) followed to make up the top 3. Modern habits are also starting to get noticed, such as texting at the wheel and taking selfies in traffic.

And yet it seems we are unaware of our own bad habits on the road - Nine in ten (93%) Brits believe that other drivers are to blame and are oblivious to other road users, whereas nine in ten (95%) respondents believed themselves to be respectful road users!

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Kwik Fit is encouraging every road user to make the Brake Pledge, to help them and other road users stay safe on the road. Kwik Fit want to help ensure drivers stay secure by providing maintenance advice and support, but are also supporting Brake the road safety charity to raise awareness on road safety overall.

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